Freeze Frame Sequence / Clone Effect – FCPX Tutorial

Add a freeze frame sequence, or a clone effect to your video. This effect does not require any plugins or masking. Some things to keep in mind when shooting footage to apply to this freeze frame sequence. Number one, is your camera must be perfectly still, so I’d highly recommend using a tripod. Number two, is using a higher frame rate, your freeze frames will have less motion blur and be much sharper. And number three, is to use the method I’m going to show you today, you must have a dark subject against a light background.

After video is loaded into FCPX, grab a couple freeze frames from your sequence, and use Final Cut Pro’s Darken blend mode to layer your clips. When you select darken blend mode, instead of displaying the layer on top, Final Cut Pro compares the color values of each pixel from the selected layer, and the layer below it, and displays the one thats darker.

Another way to achieve this freeze frame sequence/clone effect, is by applying a mask to the freeze frame clips, but that itself is a subject for another video. As long as you have a light background and a dark subject, this is a much easier and quicker way to achieve this effect.

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by far the easiest method.thx

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… what a shame not to have these tutorials in Spanish … anyway, thank you very much for your contribution

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this is such a simple and effective process thank you… i don’t suppose you could do a quick walk through the “Modify tool bar” i’ve still so much to learn…. thx again

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Another great video, I like how you just get right to it.

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Thank made it look simple but so effective

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You’d think this was complicated, but its not and its very well explained by LPTGuy. Brilliant. Keep these short vids coming.

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Genius. Very clever indeed. Thanks for sharing another awesome tip.

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