How I EDIT Rap / Hip-hop Music Videos | Final Cut Pro X

A tutorial video I slapped together of how I usually go abouts editing my rap and hip-hop music videos! I’ll come out with separate mini tutorials very soo but I thought I’d get a longer one out of the way.

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Fully edited music video of Bonfice TEXT TEXT:


Matt Ealy Sr says:

Thanks for the video. Question.
I’m having an issue shifting the individual clips in multicam ?

Ronniefilm says:

Fuck with this video a lot you just helped me a bunch and I really appreciate this hope you get paid big bags in the future !!

Andrey Fateev says:

Pleeeease, heeelp!
I cant attach (move) my clip exactly at marker position on the song, its giving me a range +1sec or -1sec, i cant do it frame by frame, so 2 markers in the clip and song are close, but not enough (not exact), and i cant do that.

Onze management says:

which version of final cut pro did you edit this video on

Sullivan556 says:

Just started editing in FCPX and I really appreciate this video. Thank you.

Ryan Root says:

So, I’m new to FCP and am really bad at it, there’s my disclaimer. I began editing in Multicam for a little music video I’m making. I decided to slice everything down to one “angle” in the multicam editing. My question is, how do I move that “angle” to my timeline? Might sound like a stupid question, but I’m just that bad hahaha

Kj Dillon says:

Wats your instagram

Mango Steel says:

I’m fucking wit you big dog! I hope you make it big in the music industry

DOPFunk says:

Are you shooting in auto mode on the camera? Why would you do that? Some visible light changes in your clips.

Mayas BiggWorld says:

4:23 is there an equivalent feature on Adobe Premiere CC?

LKstayfocused says:


Vishal Kulkarni says:

have you seen this Edit?

Ryan Root says:

I’m a little confused about something. After you created the multicam of all your video takes, how were you able to take an individual file and have it line up with the MP3 audio? It’s almost like your videos are time stamped and mine aren’t. Great video by the way!

Dreww Gonzalez says:

When starting a event you upload the footage under 24fps, but broll is recommended be shot in 60fps so the footage comes smoothly correct? Do you upload those clips separately since it’s filmed in 60fps? Or is it ok to upload them along with the 24fps? Would appreciate if anyone can answer that, thank you!

David Fitts says:

Yo it’s not a “producer water mark” shit made me cringe it’s call a beat tag

Proper John says:

exactly what I was looking for, thx

Brandnewflix says:

how do you exit the computed clip without deleting it once you’ve synced your audio?

DJ Gaming says:

Is this free

David Fitts says:

Nah I mean you’re good it just bother me lol I stay on your page to learn in you make everything easy lol I stay on this page 24/7

Logan Rager says:

i lined them all up now what? when u skipped ahead i got stuck. Everything from my performance seen is lined up. Now how do i go about peicing the video together like you did?

RichEverythang says:

Bro I just learn something new tonight I had final cut for the longest an never put it to use like that. It’s on now ‼️ it give you a clean edit where your not ceiling up and down also. Great work

Bipolar says:

Could you edit my dance video?

Steven Jacob says:

your video helped me out a lot but you lost me when you just closed out your unfinished Multicam clips and just cut to a open finished Multicam clip. whats the process right before you did that at 14:31?

Lets Talk Now Tv says:

might want to slow down speaking wise you’re talking very fast

Najay THECHOSEN1 says:

kinda wish you didnt cut the video short where you switched to the edited multi cam

Olas Olumi says:

Great job boss. Hello boss pls I need a site I can use buy or get free templates, templates like wedding invitations or church advertisements

LaMarcus Epps says:

Everyone is asking the same fucking question. This is not a good video because you skipped ahead after creating multi cam. Everybody is stuck and can’t do anything after that!!!!!!! Stuck stuck stuck smh

Gerardo King says:

When you double click the multicam clip to expand it n sync it correctly how do you bring the multicam clip back to one clip?

Joel Duff says:

how do you find artists in your area to shoot for?

Gérard Tankou says:

How do I download a video off Youtube too add lyrics to it?

victor seco says:

When i make the milticam it doesn’t let me cut, it all turns black

Gérard Tankou says:

How do I download a video off Youtube too add lyrics to it?

teosha thomas says:

But which version 10.2 10.3

Omanji sinkala says:

awesome video make more i will watch everyone i am just starting out with making my videos and i really need to learn as much as i can, just subscribed

Amazing World says:

download link is not working now can you help me how can i download this editing software

In House Studios says:

Thanks bro!

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