Today I show you how to color grade in Final Cut Pro X without the use of any plug ins.
Adjustment layers download :
Further clarification for installing adjustment layers:


ND Filter:
Sony A6300:
SmallHD FOCUS Monitor:
Zhiyun Crane V2:
Sony 16-70 F/4:
Sigma 30mm F/1.4:
Zoom H5:
Manfrotto Tripod:



JMixtape Productions says:

Nice! Thank you

Eight Five says:

Great video!

Tom'sView Photography says:

Thank you for the tutorial!

Nick Bunton says:

Super helpful video, thank you!!

The Wild Report says:

Hey Daniel, when I open the movies folder there isn’t anything that says “motion templates”. It is empty. What should I do?

Kiki Tv says:

I haven’t got a clue how to do this, it’s not working for me

JunyaYashiki says:

This tutorial is fantastic! I’m working on a big personal project and was fumbling my way through the colour grading process but now I have a methodical approach to guide me through! Thank you!

F5 Photography says:

So much knowledge dropped in 10mins! Amazing video man!

Nate's Adventures says:

Great vid man. So informative.

Spare Change says:

This is the most helpful video I’ve found. Wow. Thank you! I was worried my video was going to look like shit because I’ve never shot in Log before. Starting to get it because of you!

Anna Zhou says:

Thank you so much for this helpful video! I do have a question though…
What’s the difference between the two “layers”? Like why can’t I just add another “base correction” layer effect after snipping the first one into pieces per clip and adjust the length to the end of the whole video?

novoyazov says:

Man, you’ve changed my world! Thanks so much!
Hope your luck in life will be as big as your generosity! All the best!

Writing and Fighting says:

Where is the Base Correction and Look Grade downloads?

Brenton Edwards says:

What an awful grade

Jan van Gestel says:

Thanks Daniel, very helpfull!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Great tips, Daniel! Thanks for putting this out there.

Jack Su says:

Thanks you’re awesome!!!

Savi's Magical World says:

This was amazing! Still very helpful and informative a year later! thank you

彰CC says:

Bro, I would say, this is an AMAZING video…So far the easiest to follow:)

Silenzio Effimero says:

Great stuff man.. thank you, seriously.

Taylor Jacobs says:

Can someone help me with a question? I my effects panel, I don’t have the “color correction” effect that he has listed in the video. My only options are “color board”, “black and white”, “broadcast safe”, “color curves”, “color wheels”, “colorize”, “custom LUT”, “HDR tools”, “Hue/Saturation”, “Hue/Saturation curves”, “sepia”, and “tint”.

Fedde says:

Awesome my man!

Alfie Bart says:

WOOO so iconic and helpful! thank you Daniel!

My Suitcase Journeys says:

This was soooo helpful, THANK YOU! I used to just slap on luts and wonder why everything looked awful lol. Color corrected – correctly – for the first time for my Iceland vlog and loved the results. Glad to have ran across your channel!

Lachlan07 says:

Im so late to this video but thanks a lot mate really helped!

Ron Tabunar says:

Thank you!! This is so helpful

Juke Photography says:

weird but i dont have that Titles folder under movies/Motion Templates….. please assist

Bloggg says:

I tried it and it looks amazing. But how do you apply fade to black transition? When I put it, I don’t see it black but sort of dark blue-livid green…

Nicole says:

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Little jeff says:

Hey Daniel, can you make a video how to colorgrade between deferent camera’s ? my drone shots for example look so deferent between my camera shots

hustlelife_ca says:

Thanks for this video!! Helpful indeed


I’ve been looking for a color grading tutorial for a while. So glad I came across this one. Thanks bruv

LanceLeFit says:

You are the real mvp man

Alex Fang says:

Hey man I just came across your channel and this was actually the best one I’ve seen for color grading for beginners like me. You explained the saturation stuff really well. I always had problems understanding it from other places where they seemed to be geared toward people who understood colors better

Maurizio Iazzetta says:

Grazie mille (Y) (Y) (Y)

Cindy Chen says:

wow i learned so much, thank you for putting this out!

Baron Collins-Hill says:

Great video, thanks so much!

Yustiniya Khokhlova says:

Such a great video! Thank you!


Hello Daniel, and thanks for the video help! One thing is that you speed so fast at the folder drop adding of the adjustments that I cannot (watched it 10 times) see where on my Final Cut Pro there is a folder to place your Adjustments and have it show in my title selection? Help!

Gary Widom says:

Daniel, you didn’t open the vectrascope to work on correctly tweaking the colors if you had a white balance issue?

Eli Henni says:

When I open up my motion templates there is nothing in it. Do you know how I can make this work?

AlwaysTakeTwo says:

I honestly use video to help colour correct my music videos when I edit every 2 weeks, this is the most helpful video on the internet for getting your videos looking amazing!
Huge Love Dan !

Byron Lyons says:

Thank you so much! i’ve been going it soooo wrong for a long time.

アウストラライダー says:

It is really helpful Thanks

MaleVip says:

tut starts at 1:07

Tamas Varga says:

Awesome, thank you!

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