How to compose 2:1 video in Final Cut Pro X [9to5Mac]

Modern smartphones feature wider aspect ratios than traditional 16:9 widescreen. 2:1 video looks great on the iPhone X. Here’s how and why you can make it work with Final Cut Pro X.

Example of 2:1 video:

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SoulSina11 says:

Maybe I’ll do a Breath of the Wild walkthrough in 2:1 haha if I ever go back to making videos that is xD

Moudy El Hajj says:

Great tutorial. And I appreciate the 2:1. its been a common issue for when watching youtube videos on my iPhone X (which is where i usually watch youtube content). Keep up the great work!

WhiteHawk says:

2:1 please, max it but avoid the notch, wish Apple would add a zoom setting in video to do that automatically.

Christian Gonzalez says:

Thanks for showing how to make it. And I say go to 2:1

Canoopsy says:

Brilliant. Thanks for the tip!

Techno wood says:

good job!!!!

Zach says:

I think you should do 2:1. I have an 8 plus but the wider aspect ratio makes videos look much more cinematic on 16:9 screens

David Grimaldos says:

2:1 Jeff….love this video

Nicholas Karfoot says:

The Aspect Ratio is also know as Univisium and Has been something that Oscar winning Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro has been promoting for some time. Netflix, I believe, are only accepting content in the 2:1 format. Just a little trivia for you. 😉

Ivan Cazorla says:

Go 2:1!

Marcelo Tezza says:

I think as youtube compresses too much, you could start already with 4320 x 2160 as the main resolution, not needing to apply any scale.

Иван Чернов says:


Derek Grace says:

Can this be done in iMovie?

Mark says:

2:1 would be nice!

Sizzune says:

Jeff is just so cool.

ethobot says:

You should export in 16:9 but make the videos optimized so you can zoom and crop on iPhone X and view it full screen. This would make it so people with both widescreen and ultra wide screens can both enjoy a full screen video.

TeQreation says:

Dude – Searched this word for word last week. This the only video on YT demonstrating this ☝️ – Thank you!

Mr. GARDY says:

2:1 my brother

eksmad says:

Hi again! You as a professional can surely answer this with ease: Why is 2:1 video better than 19.5:9? If I looked it up correctly 19.5:9 is the exact aspect ratio of the iPhone X and THAT is the true perfect aspect ratio (I just tested some youtube videos with 19.5:9 on my iPhone X). I think you should cover 19.5:9, also! But: GREAT video. As always.

xsmi says:

Good job. Thanks for the tip.

Matt Bell says:

As someone who watches both on a TV and iPhone X, the best of both worlds is when a creator shoots in 16×9, but frames their shots in such a way that when you zoom on the iPhone X, it doesn’t cut off the top of their heads. I think this is the best solution.

iAppleGeek says:

Good stuff. Personally looking forward to more 2:1. Will look better on the new smartphones, and some widescreen monitors. If core audience is using TV or laptop, perhaps consider keeping the 16:9 for now

GubbyMan92 says:

I watch most of your videos on my iPhone X zoomed in. I don’t understand why you would want to crop your videos to 2:1 if the iPhone can zoom them to 19.5:9. Just make sure that elements in the video are within frame when the video is zoomed in and it should work well for both phones and TVs.

Also, thanks for not saying “18:9 ratio”…

William Valentine says:

Please continue the 2:1 ratio. It looks great on my iPhoneX

Supreme Leader Snoke says:

do 19.5 by 9 so it fills the iphone x

europlane77 says:

It looks AWSOME on iPhone X

Stefan - TravelFlow says:

4:04 Answer: Because no one uses 2:1 and everything except a select couple of smart phones uses a 2:1 ratio. Why are people switching to 2:1 just for smartphone. If you’re watching professionally made video, a smartphone is probably the least best place to watch it. I find it silly how people support this basically because of the iPhone X

FE59FE59 says:

Thanks bro, great video! Why isn’t this video 2:1?

Shamil Shakhmamedov says:

youtube should do something about this. For example, you should upload a video that would adapt to screens with various different aspect rations without having black bars

Dheel Adheel says:

Yessss. Please. 2:1

EddyGraphic says:

2:1 is 18:9 like the Pixel 2 XL? 18.5:9 like the Galaxy S9,S9+,S8,S8+,Note 8? or 19.5:9 like the iPhone X?

MrBlaq says:

Too much work for a phone most people can’t afford.

JillpooThree says:

This video is 1080 60fps. Is that because you used video of FCPX? Just curious.

far ema says:

Good video but so slow

JZuniga81 says:

2:1 is our new format

Aiden Pretorius says:

Thanks man

The Kelvington says:

Nice. But I’ve always found that editing with Final Cut, is like editing with boxing gloves on. Avid all the way, or Sony Catalyst if need be.

BoKnowsTech says:

Thanks for the tutorial, I’m going to think about that for my future videos.

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