HOW TO EDIT A VLOG (Part 4: Final Cut Pro basics for efficient editing)

In this series of videos I’ll show you how I edit my vlogs, and also the best way to shoot cinematic b-roll and how I edit that to the music.

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Please see below to see how this series is broken down:

Part 1: Create your colour grade LUT in Lightroom
Part 2: How to import your LUT from Lightroom in to Final Cut Pro or Premiere
Part 3: Music and how I use audio in my videos
Part 4: Final Cut Pro basics for efficient editing
Part 5: Tweaks and refinements
Part 6: Getting your first vlog up on to YouTube


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Marlon King says:

Short and sweet, I like it. I’ll try the marker idea as I find best matching takes ages in premiere.
Have you covered transitions yet? Would be great for you to cover how you do all your main transitions as i think that really helps glue your videos together. All the best

Tom Brillouet says:

Great info Kane!

Dennis Brown says:

I think Pia should get you some really cool hats. You guys look great in hats, really fun.

Shruti Zade says:

Thank you for such good tips! I appreciate all that you do so much more now, haha!

Carla Diaz says:

kane i tried to get your present put i dont think I can use them on mobile :/ im i doing something wrong or are they only for desktop LR use only

Dennis Brown says:

Very interesting. You make it look easy. Thanks. Too much for an old dog.

Tahirih Latu says:

Thank you so much for this! Really appreciate it! It’s probably the first easily understood tutorial!

Janell Dodds says:

thank you so MUCH Kane! this is extremely helpful . I am about to start my vlogging journey once i get my camera & the tech part is so interesting to me but kind of scary ton as well. Love you guys so much !

Griff & Alyssa says:

I’ve always been curious where to find the 35mm transitions with the film pre-roll , film breaks, etc. I found some I liked via “film composite” , but it doesn’t give me a lot of customization to it =/.

Seba y Chloe says:

Love this vid bro!!

Anvar Anvatrix says:

Awesome tips especially with the beats and video clips changing with music. Thank you Kane!!! And greetings from Toronto, Canada!!!

Gaby & Satto says:

NEW CHANNEL! we hope some of you would like to give us some support <3 we make travel vlogs

Annabelle Lopez says:

This is wonderful!! ☺️

wendy mendez says:

I love these. Please make more

agulay agulay says:

I love your outfits

Adam Soto says:

Loved this video keep them coming!!

Akshay Joshi says:

That outro music is legit mate! I always groove to that music. Oh and as always, thanks for the tutorial. Very helpful to see in action on the process, will be adapting few bits in my workflow. Cheers 🙂

Gaby & Satto says:

Pia is honstely the prettiest !!

Victoria Alliaud says:

I loved this!

Christoffer Brandsborg says:

Can you make a video on how to make the intro for the vlogs?

SirenVoyager says:

This was super informative. I’m very impressed!

George Prince says:

Wow and Wow! How utterly simple, I use to use to do a lot of home editing in the VHS days but its such a steep learning curve with Adobe sweet that I haven’t gotten back into it. I do have one Apple computer and it must have final cut pro already on it? Your editorial makes editing so easy I think I am going to check that out..Thanks Kan!

Fly with Jaouad says:

Great video
Very helpful video

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