How to Edit your youtube videos with Final Cut Pro (easiest tutorial) | Annesha Adams

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I show you the easiest tutorial on how to edit with final cut pro for beginners. I hope you all like this video

-Things I cover:
How to prepare your final cut pro for editing: 0:19
How to Import Files: 2:11
-How to add files to your timeline: 4:16
How to cut your videos: 5:47
-How to undo a mistake: 5:29
-How to turn up or turn down your voice: 7:23
-How to add music: 8:42
-How to turn down your music: 10:00
-How to make your music fade in/fade out: 11:24
-How to Delete something: 5:16
-How to put text in your video: 12:08
-A Cool Secret Trick for my youtubers : 16:40
-How to Slow down, rewind or fast forward your clip: 14:21
-How to do voiceovers on final cut pro: 17:39
-How to add photos on your video: 19:01
-How to Export: 20:52

How to add the subscribe/IG button on your youtube videos:

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Keshor Medda says:

Good tutorial, I have watched many, not too fast, not too slow, and covered what most people need to know to start. Thanks a lot !

ricky Wangham says:

at first i feel sleepy..but ur voice is so catchy…n everything taught, it hit in my mind… excellent.

Kat Debo says:

Hi Annesha, when I export my video to fcpx my audio/pitch changes, I didn’t have that problem with imovie. Do you know how to avoid that in fcpx? thank you! x

Solosano says:

thank you! you made this so simple 😀

ShadyRonin says:

Hey Annesha, thanks for your tutorial! I had used Final Cut Express like 10 years ago, and only recently decided to approach video editing again with a copy of FCP X. Opened it and the interface has changed a LOT since 10 years ago. Your video made it easy to get going again with all the basics I needed, straightforward and to the point. Thank you 🙂

DuhIts Alondra says:

finally someone did it that makes a lil more sense

Renaissance Man says:

Ok two questions: 1) How do you add text to the video? 2) How can you change format to 16:9 in video to get rid of black bars from iphone video?

Maya Saraya says:

How did you get the no copy right on your itunes I really need help

Sribeauty Shine says:

Great video!! New subbie here:) thank you for covering all the basic topics in this video!! Really helpful

Nikki Lopez Suarez says:

THANK YOU! this video was super helpful and the shortcuts in the description were super useful. Definitely going to refer to this video when I am editing 🙂

holdmelike official says:

Love this! It’s nice to see how familiar it is compared to iMovie.

Saurabh Rathore says:

Such amazing explanatory video!

Nancy Lee says:

This video was so helpful!!


Great tutorial

Black Empress says:

I just got the final cut pro x and i been having such a hard time figuring it out but i watched this video like 5 to 6 times before i can get it fully. Thank you i can’t wait to watch the others.

Nature Bites says:

This is an excellent video with the best explanation for Library, Event, and Project. Thank you for your time and effort.

KE6DOA says:

brand spanking new to this and every other tutorial that was for “beginners” still went to fast.. this was a perfect speed for me. I also just subbed to your channel. thanks again

chiZZlviZion tv says:

a bit off topic but u r so beautiful!

Oni Mashou says:

Love this , you went at the speed of someone who never owned a MAC before. Liked and following

Tjiarrika Payne says:

Do you have to have Mac computer

Asani Beauty says:

Great video. Very helpful. Not overwhelming at all. Thanks so much for your help!!

Chris Nelson says:

You’re the best Annesha! You basically taught me how to edit. Thanks.

Jenny Davidson says:

great video so helpful! thanx!

Armand Crown says:

Great Video! Awesome style and delivery…. I found it very easy to follow and accept – so accessible unlike many others on Youtube – thank you and keep up the good work. Kia ora from New Zealand viewer

JS Global Media says:

Can you be hired to edit video?

CountryCharmbyTracy // Tracy Wellmann says:

Great informative video! Thank you!!

Papo Reto says:

seems to me when you open a new project the old settings stay with the new project . whats going on HELP >>>>>>>>

Miss Ladiibby says:

Amazing! Thank you!!! U made it super simple!

3miles meek says:

Hey did you really download FCP for free?

NEEESHx3TV says:

Best FCP tutorial I have seen so far. I fall asleep through all the rest or just don’t understand.

Alicia Mackin says:

Excellent tutorial. I have watched many, not too fast, not too slow. And covered what most people need to know to start. You have a new subscriber.

Ladi Gemini says:

This was one of the best videos I have seen so far. Thanks so much! I will be watching more for great tips! #newsubbie

Schmirk .Pictures says:

Only females could understand this!!!

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