How To: Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing (Tutorial)

How To: Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing (Tutorial)

Final Cut Pro X’s 10.0.3 update brought a slew of new features including Multicam editing which was heavily missed upon launch. Here’s a walkthrough of how Multicam editing works and how you can do it yourself!

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Notes: We’re using two Canon 60D DSLR cameras, a Canon ELP 300 HS Camera and a Zoom H1 for external audio.

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A detailed list of what I use to make my videos!

Camera & Audio Gear

Camera – Canon 60D:
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 lens
Canon 50mm 1.4 lens
Zoom H1:
Blue Yeti USB Mic:

Computer & Editing

2011 Quad-Core i7 15″ MacBook Pro:
27″ Apple Thunderbolt Display:
Logitech Performance MX Mouse:
Logitech K750 Mac Keyboard:
Software: Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Keynote & Photoshop CS5

Music Gear:

Yamaha HS80M Studio Monitors (Pair):
Apogee One USB Interface:
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Headphones:
Klipsch S4i In-Ear Headphones:

How To: Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing (Tutorial)
How To: Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing (Tutorial)
How To: Final Cut Pro X Multicam Editing (Tutorial)


TanburaS says:

the best tutorial ever für final cut. 5 minutes with a ton of informations


Which software is this I want to download

Mukesh mourya says:

thanks sir

RCM Productions says:

I’ve got an issue thats says frames dropped play back is slow.

Mike Lewis says:

Best multicam tutorial out there. Thanks!!


This video just saved my life. Thank you so much!

Jules Benjamin says:

Great tutorial…thanks!

Flyboy Photo and Media says:

Outstanding tutorial! You just saved my sanity while editing my first wedding video!

songframes says:

BAM! awesome tutorial… thank you

Francis Ace Maglalang says:

yo John, still a great tutorial.

Cris Parker says:

will this work with multiple shots of the same thing with one camera? So there isn’t a master audio but I still want to edited between different angles?

Queen Navi says:

anyone watching this at CHS?

John Tumino says:

great video!!

Daniel Therrien says:

Fantastic! Thank you!

iRealtyTV says:

Awesome this is the best tutorial on multicam I’ve seen Thanks!


where u say behind the scenes at 1:35 how do you go to a single clip in the time line

Queen Navi says:

anyone watchinggnjkjkfrjikrhgehkdfrhnjlk,isr

Selfie Care with Kudzi says:

So so so helpful! Thank you so much for this!

Greg Scafidi Productions says:

Wish I had watched your video before manually attempting this without the multi cam angle tool! Thanks for the succinct and short tutorial.

Nicholas James says:

Great video..I’ve come back to it months after originally watching it to refresh my memory of your multicam workflow. Great work, very valuable.

Romuald Kinimo says:

Just solved my issue

Engel Bos says:

Thanks you, this is so helpful

Haus Herons says:

nothing like a straight forward tutorial thank you sir!!

TONY RED says:

Merci pour ce super tutoriel !!

Thread Weaver says:

I love how you speak at a good pace and to the point. Thank you! 🙂

MarkAndApps says:

Jon it is 2017. Still the best FCPX multi cam tutorial. Thanks a lot!

Miechol Canteros says:

Awesome video dude! Learned a lot! What processor and gigabytes to edit with Final Cut?

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