How To Make A Glowing Eyes Effect (Tutorial) – Final Cut Pro X

Learn how to make this really awesome music video effect by changing your artist’s eyes and make them glow to different colors in Final Cut Pro X! All you need is some time and some simple key framing experience.

Original Music Video:

Keyframing Tutorial:

Masking Tutorial:

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Ludwing Rockefeller says:

lugar meyer free ???

Herbal Giles says:

Thank you Kanye very cool

Rami Haddawi says:

Do glowing eye lasers or on fire!

Anonymous Dude says:

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Martin Taylor says:

Seriously wtf why would you use this?

Trillest says:

can you edit my videos for me pm me we can talk bro nice video

Mtn Drew says:

Thanks my man

GuapoVisuals says:

First 1

Mike Griffin says:

Wuddup KingTutsPro. Been following you for a while and i just wanna say thank you for all your turtorials!

I have a turtorial request. I don’t know what the effect is called but its the effect where the subject in in slow mo and he’s walking through a side walk full of people and the people around him are speed ramp. Hope my explanation makes sense.

Polardonut says:

make a laser eye tutorial, please!

Yann Pic says:

you’re videos are so amazing and useful, plz continue

IbzObey says:

Premier pro tutorial?

dretti2x says:

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SJAUBI 1236 says:

final cut pro x or 10 ?

TKskate says:

Nice one! Please show how to do laser or stuff like that!!!

Jared S says:

You shouldn’t do frame by frame because the movement won’t be smooth. There’s a couple of ways to do it.
1) Pose to pose…add main keyframes where there’s a shift in movement. After add inbetween frames to align things.
2) Keyframe every 30 frames…then add inbetween frames. It doesn’t have to be 30 frames. Just spread out evenly.

The goal is to allow the computer to calculate the movement between keys. Try not to add keyframes frame by frame. Not only is this time consuming, it often leads to unsatisfactory results.

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