How to Make a YouTube Intro — Easy FCPX Tutorial using Templates

Learn how to make a video intro for YouTube! Step-by-step guide to editing music, footage, effects & overlays.

The EDITING TOOLS used in this video:
1. ArtList Music – Get 2 months free!
2. Lens Flares Polar Pro –
3. Motion VFX templates –
4. Title Effects –

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Ernesto Perez says:

Great tutorial. Can’t wait to get started on my own. Thanks

iJojo Misbah says:

that is SOOOOOO useful thank u SO much u really helped me with my YouTube videos

Gary Moreira says:

Thanks Jeven, an old man looking for inspiration to start something. Such great information and easy to follow!

Glen Domulevicz says:

Thanks for the inspiration.

Terrance Ross says:

Great job!

MunxFPS says:

such a dope video thanks bro, this weeks project!

NasFishing says:

Your video is amazing. Please don’t stop doing what you do

Joshua The Red says:

Thanks man. This was really helpful and inspiring.

Miroslav Nenchev says:

Good one!

NBD Visuals says:

Needed this… thanks, Jeven!!

KETOGARD 22 says:

THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD!!! Really. I find your videos so helpful. I feel very optimistic ever time I learn something from you dude. Your inspire me.

Asgard Studios says:

I used Premiere Pro, but here’s my first attempt (definitely still in DRAFT state) – comments welcome!

Gary Fujioka Sr. says:

I really appreciate the granular step-by-step instruction. Nice clear tutorial without faux hype for faux hype’s sake. I look forwarding to learning more.

Maciej M. says:

Great tutorial, INSPIRING !!! Thank you
Greetings from Poland

Christopher johnson says:

this dude is amazing. The fact he uses final cut pro and makes it so simple is life changing

Tara Wagner says:

Is there a way to actually save all these elements as one piece so it’s easy to reuse?

beatmanpete petieboi says:

awesome brother definitely

doitoutdoors says:

Well done.
Thank you…

Rachel Garcia says:

I’m new to all this. I still have a lot to learn but you make it look so easy lol. Looks pretty awesome! Thank you for your help.

Paindoctor says:

Jeven , absolutely AMAZING TUTORIAL!!! Phenomenal!! What is the thing at the very end of your into that kind of goes into a straight horizontal line?

Benjamin Peres says:

Superb Tutorial. Thanks, gonna try to make an Intro !

Like the Instrument says:

your videos are top notch man. I am backpacking SE Asia for 8 months soon and I want to begin to get better at editing my content that I plan to create and these videos are helping me learn. Quality stuff

Jo H Photography & Media says:

Thank you this is my focus the next few weeks gathering clips and making one

হাসির রাজা says:

wow♥♥ nice♥♥ vides Love you

Annie's Adventures says:

yaass i need this hook in my vids!! so happy i finally found a great video that can help me show my unique personality

Asgard Studios says:

Fantastic tutorial. I was mulling this over last week. Time to get on it!

Adventures with Jane says:

Excellent, very helpful! Now to get busy. Thanks. –Mark

Sang Brian says:

Awesome content:
Mine here:

tony montana says:

Wow way over my head bro however i will keep watching cause i do get tidbits

Craig's Tech Talk says:

Thank you for this video. I have been wanting to make an intro for my videos. But, I did not know where to start. This is very helpful.
Also, your background is looking nice. Good depth to the shot and you pop out well. Thanks Jeven.

Frank Bonilla says:

EXCELLENT Video . Thanks! 🙂

#AmpedPutee - Chris Olivier says:

Great thanks Jeven.

Andrea's Travels says:

Thank you!! Finally!!

ILRanieri - DPFN says:

Hi Jeven, I like your tutorials because it’s happens in exact moment that i need. In this moment I was thinking in recreates my intro. rsrs tks nice video.

Ron Brown says:

Great tutorial, I need to work on one of these for my channel. Thanks for posting this video.

Annie's Adventures says:

When did you start editing videos?

Daniel Manzano says:

Hi Jeven, I loved your video. I’ve been a subscriber for a while now, but I am about to create a channel. Your videos are very professional looking.
I will be creating my intro and will use some of your ideas. I really appreciate your work.

Tim Castleton Castleton says:

Your Awesome!!! Thanks

Dutch Nomad Couple says:

Such a great tutorial, very usefull. Like you say, it make your videos look even more beautiful. Now I’m going to find the best shots we’ve made so far and put it all together.

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