How To Motion Track In Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to motion track in Final Cut Pro X without any plugins, fast, and for free! CAN WE HIT 9 LIKES?! 🙂


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Nomaan Arif says:

Can you make a tutorial on how to shake the screen in FCP 10?

b_lui22 says:

nice videos! keep it up!!

The Vlad Imbert Show says:

recognize the number kingtut?

10,000,000 views says:

That’s not motion tracking that’s tucking keyframing… show us how to actually motion track in FCPX…

Aviator Zone says:

Pretty cool to see the person behind your channel!

ollie enzo says:


Kevin Alvroz says:

Every time I keyframe, when I get close to the center or near the middle it automatically get fixed to the center. Can you prevent this??

Dafty - MS says:

For your next video, PLEASE do a Motion 5 3D motion tracking tutorial!

Elsie Alkurabi says:

Another awesome one!!

Brady Wurtz says:

misidentifying ‘key framing’ as ‘motion tracking’. misleading title, and adding to the public impression that FCPX users don’t know what they’re doing. Thanks.

Joeville Manabat says:

How i wish there was built in motion tracker on fcpx, nice tutorial as always

ItsEpicXD says:

Aye check out my latest video, tell me what you think 😉

Vinh Dang says:

There is also a plugin for Motion tracking, costs money tho.
EasyTracker from fxfactory

Louisville Drone Pilots says:

I love your edit tips bro

Q.E.T says:

Nice video but this one called keyframing not motion track 😉

Ur-Eye Media says:

I don’t get it. The point of motion tracking is so you don’t have manually keyframe objects… Title Correction:”How To KEYFRAME In Final Cut Pro X (Tutorial)”

Jamie Fenn says:

This isn’t really motion tracking… and when you do it this way you don’t get an accurate look…

MTM-DM says:

not first

Xsavier Filiano says:

Where did you get that follow me on instagram photo at can you give me a link to that photo

Garen1 says:

Is there a way that we can get a tracer that is free or very cheap? Cuz I think majority know about key framing it frame by frame.

tnnt3317 says:

U get a Like for not dodging the Hairpoclise on your last video lol
Informative vid as always too

Biggy Jayprad says:

You’re the best

All In Films says:

Love your videos! They help my films so much! Keep up the good work.

kelk says:

Something funny…now give me a like

WhiteSky 14 says:

hahah awwww bless, shoutout to kingtutspro errrrydaaaay tho!

Wrinkledlemon says:

What about Mocha tracking plugin for FCPX?

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