How to Shoot and Edit a Cinematic Travel Film – FCPX Tutorial

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Doche Adonis says:

Hey I was wondering, how do you get the black bar on the top and bottom for the whole video?

cedric deur says:

Love all the info on that video about your editing, looking for more (behind the scene from some of your video, like what was your plan before filming, what did you have in mind, then again the editing process, I think its very instructive). Love it.

Schwamie says:

I actually love the look of the opening cut of Panama. Reminds me of a 60’s Pan Am flight.

Valentino Photography says:

What Lut app/plugin are you using there to apply lut in fcpx?

Lauren says:

Loving this video!!!! not finished yet, but just wanted to comment that I couldn’t hear the boat sound at all at ~9:20.

Edgardo German says:

Love your titorials

Minji Kim says:

I love this!!!

Edgardo German says:

Weshoud work it togetler. I am a airline pilot contac me at all times 6233364

Schwamie says:


Michael Lerner says:

Super helpful video! I’ll add my nodding head to the others who asked for the Sony time-lapse tutorial; that’d be sweet!

Also, not sure if previous videos mention it, but care to elaborate on the filmconvertpro2 effects?

Adam Eccleston says:

Kraig, did you have any issues with getting drone into Panama, what procedures did you have to follow.

Justin Khanna says:

I really got a ton of value here man, thanks a bunch for everything you do!

Beer, Bar & Beyond says:

Noob question – but what plug-in do you use to apply Luts in FXP and where did you get the Fuji LUT?

RustyCoon says:

Fantastic Video!! I really appreciate your insights into the entire filmmaking process for short films like this. Technical and technique and theory. Perfect!

Graphicsc says:


puds boi says:

probably one of the most informative vids on the tube

desibackpacker says:

good job!! detailed description and your thought throughout is very inspiring ….

Stephen Ginman says:

man, how long did ot take for you to finish the edit after your trip?

Barry Kelly says:

Very helpful vid man! Thanks and just subscribed

Liana rickert says:

What’s the name of the app where you make the travel videos

Adam Eccleston says:

Kraig, great video, what LUT tool are using?

Yichao Zhang says:

Hold on, if your video is in 4K, how did u do all the slow motion shots? a7R ii only shoot 4K in up to 29,97fps, right?

Video2Learn says:

as you said the full time youtuber how you manage your living by this channel only or any other medium of sales or something too. if so how much you make please tell as average from this channel ( why because i like to turn a full time youtuber job) so plz response . i am waiting for your reply

Edward Pollei says:

I am going to kill myself if I ever see you in 60fps again

WJR Visuals says:

interested in Sony time-lapse app tutorial!

MichaelBrook says:

Great work! You are just adding more and more value now! Thanks

VJ S says:

Great video Kraig! Keep going 😉

Vince Perry Jr says:

Awesome… really enjoyed the video and your tips. I’m always looking to improve so you definitely provided some good insight thank you!

Guadilarious says:


Mike Lam says:

How am I just finding out about your channel? Not many youtubers are putting this kind of information out there and I think it’s awesome to see other filmmakers’ techniques/strategies/workflow.

Sam Holt says:

I actually really appreciated the speed ramps in the final video. I think you did it a tasteful amount and didn’t overdo it. Nice one matey 🙂

Key Moment Films says:

Challenging to shoot out a window of an airplane. It’s always dirty on the outside in my experience. Any tips on getting a clean shot?

DorzStream says:

You should come to PANAMA, it is beautiful!!

Adam Post says:

Great video. These are so helpful. Thanks again!

nichmlee says:

timelapse app tutorial plz

Oscar Garcia says:

Good stuff!

Saenz Photo says:

Im from Panama..I love the video bra…You did so well! This is Panama!

Patricia says:

Love your videos, do you have a tutorial for speed ramps?? I would love to learn !

IshPri says:

Great Video! Subscribed!

eric murphy says:

Man what a fun video! Thanks for sharing. Question, how did you do all those fun transitions?

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