Jitter Freeze Frame Intro | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

I’ll be using this Jitter Freeze Frame Effect in most of my new VLOGS. Thought I’d share it with you guys, incase you want to use it for your videos as well.

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Ryan Schneider VLOGS says:

Nice video my man! Im going to use this effect in my next vlog when introducing someone instead of just putting an arrow! lol Thanks for the awesome easy tip!

Alf Williamsen says:


sneakers loveur says:

Thank you I really like your tutorial easy and simply and I use that on my channel.
Hope to have a cloning tutorial ?

Mister Memo says:

Great stuff as always bro! Let’s link ip

Sebastien Arduin says:

Great tips!! Thks bro

Noah Records Stuff says:

I really love your tutorials, and you really inspire me


Thanks my broo

Pretty Is Productions says:

Thank you please don’t ever switch to premiere 🙂

Qibilii says:

Thanks! Will definitely try this out!

AP x 90 says:

We definitely gotta try out FCPX. Premiere is killing us on the Mac

Maree says:

This is what I needed

Александр Здоровец says:

U do Awesome lessons. Everything is clear in short time. Thank u, Bro! Subscribed

Brad King says:

Really enjoy your tutorials Brian. I’m trying to do the above with a photo of my kids. It should work the same? Also, interested in what you would do with a panorama photo in FCP.  Thanks

Jairo Cepeda says:

0:48 surprise edging tutorial

datflipmel says:

Omg yasss this is awesome!

ThePokerRobot says:

I just used this technique in my Vlog!! This is an excellent addition to my Final Cut Pro Tool set. It works amazingly!!!! Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!!

AzovPort says:


Pinto Bros says:

Bro you’re the best

Ryan Walters says:

YES! Sick!

Fred R. says:

Got much love for you Bro! = I will Definitely use it.

B King says:

Love it. Thanks for sharing tidbits like this.

Fingerlus Zingerlus says:

Thanks again man! Love it!

Brannon Naito says:

dope video, short and to the point is my fav.

The Everything Man says:

hey nice video but after i add my mask and keyframe the entire image zooms in with the background and not just the subject i masked… any clue how to help me out?

Maximilan Williams says:

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again your tutorials are THE best on YouTube. None of that lengthy talking just straight to the point and it’s SOOOOO well detailed. Thanks once again


You are the best on YouTube bro.

Wilfredo Rodriguez says:

Straight to the point thanks!

The Otaku Dad says:

Brother you make the best cuts on tutorials and I can tell you enough how much you teach me everytime! this was freakin awesome for a simplistic approach

Soumendra Jena says:

Without draw mask also it should work, I guess ?

The JoSi Show says:

Nice I def want to try this in the next vlog which will also be a collab will be a nice way to introduce him.

PJ Dexter says:

Mac Life intro music.

Sabreezy says:

Awesome video! How do i make the subject pop out faster?

47 K says:

The best

Marty DeLeon says:

I love you for this video!

Christopher Rodriguez says:

Def gonna try this, ty!

Randy Done says:

Good video, plain and simple, thanks

Wolfe & Co. #LivinBRAVE says:

Great vlog! Thanks for the video! Gone try it in my next vlog!

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