Learn Final Cut Pro X in 10 Minutes

I show you how to get started with Final Cut Pro X. I go over the basics of importing, syncing audio, editing and exporting.

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Final Cut Pro X: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/final-cut-pro/id424389933?mt=12

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Alex T says:

Amazing Video Simple and to the Point will definitely be checking out more of your videos!

Nicholas Micallef says:

Great video thanks for the tips&tricks

aramistech says:

Nice video thank you

cigarobsession says:

Great tutorial! We do things virtually identically, me in premiere. V and C are my two keys lol

Philibert Rousseau says:


Arun Kumar says:

Can you please help me to give tip… I have sony ex3 and I can not import my video to Final Cut Pro. What can I do?

Ty Gregory says:

zollotech I love your videos and hop on every notification

SirH says:

Wow! Very cool! I am using finally Cut Pro in about a year later. I use pinnacle studio right now for windows. I’m saving up for a MacBook 2016. I will be using Final Cut Pro once i get it.

Xpercipio says:

Is there a way for logic pro and final cut to sync up? Like edit video in FC then refresh the playhead in logic to edit my audio to current video?

kaya says:

Omfg its about time someone showed us how to make a quick video from start to end with simple straight ford directions! Thank you!!!

Nicholas Hunt says:

Awesome video! I use Final Cut when I help people out with video editing and if I’m just bored making random projects. I seriously need to put my effort into starting a YouTube channel

Michael Steven says:

Still to confusing for me at this point..Should I just learn iMovie first and then come back to FCPX?

xrellikgr says:

how do i make a shooting star meme using this?

zollotech says:

Do you use Final Cut Pro , iMovie or premier?

TheHoxtonTrend says:

IMO the best beginners guide to quickly get you started thanks so much for doing this mate! Eveyone else was to complicated but this was nice simple and indepth. Defo a sub from me hehe!!

Trent Loeks says:

hey i have a question, is it possible to use apple music in final cut? i have been having a problem with it not showing up. i can see the file and even listen to the song in final cut but when i drag it the song to the storyline there is no music just an empty file

Ryan Russell says:

Very helpful video thank you. For reference, I’m looking to lear some advanced-basics for editing travel footage from a GoPro shot in 2.7k flat color into home movies to keep for years. Color correction basics, slightly more interesting transition techniques, and how to get some of those extra plugins would be awesome to learn in a format as easy to learn as the way you presented in this video. Thanks!

Hunter X says:

But FCPX Is like sooooo expensive

The Tone King says:

Nice job. Thank you!

FishingWithJ says:

How did you get your layout like that?

Joel Almendarez says:

give me information on a puppy love because you’re good with your finger in it was a good

cigarobsession says:

Btw you can set up premiere any way you like include just like you show, you don’t need to use the menus and can have all the tiled Windows.

ricardo velazquez says:

thank you for making this video

Rodrigo Garay says:

Great video, love to see how you sync the audio!!!! Added to my favs, Thank you so much!!!

kaya says:

watched a 1 hr16 min video the other day, and I got more information in 10 minutes just awesome do u have any other fcpx lessons

Jonathan Martone says:

When working on a project that was filmed with multiple frame rates, would you recommend creating the project with the settings of the highest frame rate or vice versa. For example, I was on vacation and filmed a couple of clips in 1080 60fps (for smoother slow motion) and a few clips in 1080 @ 30fps. I’m not sure what settings to use for the project when the project will contain clips with both frame rates. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

kaya says:

quick ? maybe you can help me out? how do i reset final cut pro x to as if i just took it out of the box. iv made several changes to the page layout and its just drivin me nuts, theres no events or anything im worried about, just want it to look like it did when i first opened it, basicly the default layout n settings, thanks any help would be greatly apprecieated!!

Story Time Adventures says:


lefemmemattel says:

Great vid, exactly what i was looking for. Thanks!

Geo Marshall says:

Great video, nice break down on how it works. Thanks a lot Zollotech !!

Good Man Pictures says:

Hi. Good video for beginners. I have a question. I use premiere in windows. I am working on a project where the requirement is that apple prores 422 compressor be used so I am working on friend’s macbook. I wanted to ask that If I do all my video editing in premiere and then export with apple prores 422 setting in final cut pro then will it satisfy the requirement.

AT3M MEDIA says:

Hey Great Channel! i am an aspiring videographer. Maybe you could check out my channel and give me a little feedback? It would be much appreciated. Thanks

roger quinteros says:

Just recently switched over from 12 yrs of using Premiere pro…This video was very helpful! (found my way around the u.i. as quickly as the video rolled!) Now I have to find your video on scratch disks and archiving to ext drives!!

stevesartstudio says:

Thanks for the help buddy! I just got Final Cut and needed to see how it differs from imovie. This was a very well done tutorial! You communicated everything well and the clarity of the video was perfect! Cheers! 🙂

Linzvlogz says:

I’ve been using iMovie for my vlogs, I want to try out final cut pro this video was super helpful to get started!

Ava Rockwell 88 says:

this was awesome SIMPLE
glad I found it –

Rob Groves says:

Love it, very nice presentation style.

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