MACRO MASK EYE Transition, (FCPX Tutorial)

Hey guys! I’ve been using this transition in quite a few of my video’s lately and have been getting asked to make video on it! So here it IS!

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HZN Productions says:

your videos are fkn amazing bro,.! hope i can meet you one day !

Ethan Williams says:

Can you do this exact thing on adobe premiere?

John Pereira says:


Anthony Walker says:

Really Good , Very Clear and easy to follow , Subscribed,

Ruan Cheng says:


MarkusChoreography says:

You are a life savior brother

Dolphin Video Productions says:

Excellent training video and key framing skills

The Stunt Double says:

very nice video buddy much appreciated

Snowwalker says:

Cool simple tutorial. Thanks

Elias says:

Great tutorial man, you go into so much more detail than other youtubers. Thanks so much!

Will Colley says:

Tutorial on 0:08 phone transition

Olivepixels says:

Thanks, good one!

Sang Jeong says:

where is download shapeMask<

David-Minh TRA says:

You are so good ! very nice tutorial. Thank you.

Team Rhythmus says:

Thanks, bro. It helps a lot!

DerbJd says:

Jesus those eye lashes are clumped as hell.

Penn Twins Airsoft says:

you deserve more subs than this man. Just this video alone should get you up there.

Dener vlog says:

I like your the job, i’m edition too, thank Brother

Dener vlog says:

What is programa*(português) premiere?

ALFA VIP says:


itselayne says:

so cool!

Olivier's World says:


benb60 says:

Why lift both clips from Primary storyline, why not just the girl? Why make so many opacity keyframes, why not just two; 100 at the start, 0 at the end? Command-R brings up the retiming bar, where Shift-N resets a clip to play normal speed.

Erlend Grønning says:

Any tutorials on the first transition?

Markus Janssen says:

Warum funktioniert das bei mir nicht? Schon 10 mal probiert. Genau wie beschrieben.

Ridaz4LifeR6 says:

how do you raise the clip above the timeline? no explanation on that at the very beginning.

Mobile Detailing Edmonton says:

Thanks for the video bud. I’m trying to make my videos better to draw a larger crowd (also pride in making a cool video). If you get a chance check out some of my clips and give pointers thanks again I’m going to try this on my latest video. I’ll give a shout out in the comments to you!!

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