Make Your Videos LOOK Like FILM! (IN Final Cut Pro X)

If you’ve wanted to up the cinematic quality of your videos so that they look like film, then you need to check out mLUT. mLut is an easy to use plugin for Final Cut Pro X which immediately changes the overall look of your project. It’s perfect for all kinds of cinema; whether you want your video to look like the next great Western, a creepy mystery, or an epic masterpiece.

In order to get mLut, you’ll first need to instal the special “mInstaller” you can get that here:

Keep in mind that when installing plugins for Final Cut Pro you can not have FCP running at the time of installation.

There are several different types of mLut packages, but all of them can be found here:,search,mlut,3,0,1,1.html

I personally own the “Blockbuster 2” package, but all of them are very well crafted.

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Sydney Yien says:

“little” <3

OPUS Digital Audio says:

I’m new into video editing. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro 2.5ghz/16GB RAM/1 TB SSD/Dual Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1GB and Intel HD Graphics 3000 512.  Is this powerful enough to edit a 3-camera shoot with audio or do I need to upgrade?  Is the new e-GPU by Sonnett and option or do I need a new MacBook Pro 3.1/16gb/560 – or do I need an iMac?  Thank you.

Magnus Karlsson says:

Please check out my first ever travel video, on youtube! – Skiing in Norway
Hope you like it 😉

Christy Zemour says:

The after video looks amazing! Thanks for this video!

CAP Colorado Homes says:

Thanks man! Pretty awesome what you do.

J L says:

lmao i thought you were gonna use the 12 years a slave effect on this positive video edit lol !

Inside Out NYHC says:

I really LUT what you did here. I’m finding more and more clients like a much less saturated look. But LUT’s are great to have on deck when working on a budget project and don’t have the gear nor time to color correct.

Pushkar Sarma says:

Have you tried using sLUTs to make your videos look better?

Revive Me I have the Ray Gun says:

The only one that looks really good after is the desert at 10:46

The Everything Man says:

Using an adjustment layer is even easier than copy and paste

Jeff Davis says:

I followed the link for the relatively inexpensive camera. It’s 1k. Whew!

Robert James Adventure-Lifestyle-Travel says:

Curious what king of chair you’re using?

Gerardo Suarez says:

Man!!!! You are the man!!! Great work!!!!

iamkhalilM says:

But there’s also a very simple but important shot here, and that’s this 50/50

Abel Flores says:

amazing video, great music

Ezion Nunes says:

Didn’t see that much difference between the original and the edited, I thought that it being a paid software it would be amazing and stunning, but it’s not.

real talk says:

wow thx I did see the difference and I think it is going to help me greatly… thanks so much for ur time ^-^

Jordan Adams says:

What is the song you used in the trailer? i would like a link for it please

MTBC Youth says:

Which of the mLut packages do you recommend for doing church video?

Fate says:

honestly the most wasted 12 mins of my life that was really bad and the original is way better

Preston Gladd Overland says:

Meh, I would rather do the work in color correction myself, you learn more that way.  IMO LUTS are for people who don’t want to invest or don’t have the time to invest in doing the work themselves, which is fine.  Just not for me.  Plus I think the LUT you used on that clip needed a lot of correction over the multiple clips, so really you didn’t save yourself much time IMO.  I am not a pro, I am an amateur enthusiast who is just starting to work with color and trying to up my post production game.  But diving into it, if you put in the time you can achieve these looks for free and over time you just know where to make the color corrections at.  This honestly seems more like an add rather than some kind of instructional video to make your production better.  Whats the old saying, give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime, same applies here.  If your in a pinch and don’t have a LUT, say your borrowing your friends computer to do an edit for a quick vlog or something, your screwed b/c you relied on someone else doing the work for you.

THEDDTinc. NEW says:

I think this is cool, some people are not that great with color grading, so using luts is easier, i honestly like how with final cut you can just drop luts, and effects onto your files, i personally use davinci resolve, adobe premiere setup is just too complicated, im gonna look into this and start using final cut more, but is there a way to adjust the luts once you apply to video? Im thinking you should…

Shay Mystic says:

i downloaded mlut but it doesnt pop up after I go to the icon to choose the type of mlut i want.

Jordan Hurd says:

I recommend investing in lighting, audio, and education rather than editing software.

I am Frow says:

Terrible sound

Pawan Thapa says:

skin tone is fkd.

daksh vats says:

free plugins are avalable ?

ZAYLOW says:

I immediately knew that this video was for marketing purposes and not really a tutorial.. On top of that, I don’t see a difference. Anything for a dollar. He basically said, buy my plugin. SMH..

Vera Sun says:

Awesome video.

YuJin Factory says:

I used to mlut & color correction in FCPX 10.3.3. It’s very good plug-in.

Brooklyn Leather TV says:

Hi David – question. Your “before” footage looks pretty good right from the camera, so you don’t shoot flat or LOG?

Musser TV says:

What drone camera do you use?

Jha Guill says:

can i just do this look with color gradients ?? or is the plugins doing somthing i cant do

Melrose Design Company says:

Nice video exactly what I’m trying to go for. Im trying to convince myself to make the jump and buy final cut

ReR747 says:

Ha! And I am using my AG-DVX100B into turning the 4:3 to 16:9 to HD… totally the opposite

Holy Mackerel says:

So far Final Cut hasn’t impressed as much

Tassy Relulien says:

it’s good

makeupworldgirl says:

I’m having a hard time with editing for my beauty channel. Im about to purchase a MacBook because it comes with Final Cut Pro on it. Is there anyone you know that makes videos on Youtube on how to to edit start to finish once video has been recorded? I’ve asked around to lots of influencers but none of them will answer my questions or help me. I’m willing to learn because I’ve been a makeup artist for over 25 years and really want to do this! I came across your video in hoping you could guide me in the right direction. Thank you wendy

NESherv says:

This still doesn’t look like it was shot on film at all. It just looks like digital footage that was color graded with a LUT, which is exactly what it is.

The life of Jools says:

I preferred the mLut file… even watching it on my over saturated note 8 screen which I took into consideration… most of the footage just looked better… like you said, certain clips will need tweaking… but I loved the last shot of the coastline… that looked very cinematic. I’ve learned a lot from this… many thanks indeed… best wishes….J

Simon L says:

It says $59.00 this video entails that there is no money spent hmm oh and dont complain about people moaning about the price of these has it accured to you that maybe there is a particular reason why they are moaning perhaps because we even have absolutley no money unlike yourself, please do not think when commenting on other people think that they are at the same stage as you in there journey it is an assumption that can annoy people!!!!!!!!!

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