Masking Transition Effect | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

I got another EASY Transition tutorial for you guys using the Draw Mask Tool found in Final Cut Pro X. Let me know what you guys think of this effect. Leave a link to your work using this transition and I’ll make sure to check it out =)

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Chris Rosado says:

Okay this transition was easy and sick! Love it thanks!

Pájaro Cork says:

You are great Bryan! Your videos are very useful for me! A greeting from Spain!

Goriza says:


AzovPort says:


Wandy tjam says:

Easy to follow and clear tutorial ever on youtube!!

Anj Life says:

You made difficulties a lot easier now!

Tommy Bennett says:

Best part about your tutorials is you keep them short, simple and straight to the point. A lot of others will drag it on 10+ minutes. Nice tutorial

jonathan jenkins says:

This was truly easy to follow and understand. Thank you so much dude, it was even to the point more than other videos so I didn’t get lost or zone out the entire time. I just found this video so forgive me if you covered any question(s) i may have. But would you also consider doing a video explaining key-framing? As simple as the few guys said it was in their videos I still don’t quite understand how to successfully do it. Thanks

trillaG says:

i love it

Pierre Rizo says:

thanks a lot ! I ve watched many videos on your yt channel and i learnt a lot to use FCPX !

angel sorto says:

Thank you bryan this tutorials are really great… thanks to you i decide to get final cut pro …

Green Gveen 그빈 says:

After I watched this tutorial, I automatically subscribed the channel and liked the video. Finally found the legit one.

Luis Barragán says:

This is a great tutorial! Super detailed and super easy to understand. Thanks Bryan!

Oscar WuHei says:

that is awesome Thx Bryan~

Reel Focus says:

Amazing thank you!

Nico Nel Media says:

I love your videos short and to the point but great content.

Satish Padal says:


Kelsi Salay says:

Hi, Thank You for these tutorials they are amazing and extremely helpful. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on Thumbnails because your Thumbnails are awesome and mine look pretty lame. Thank You!!!!



Un Dany says:

Yes!!! Amazing

Cameron YG says:

you guys are my GURUS

Derek Guaren says:

Hell yeah! You did the tutorial! Thank you so much bro!

Armando Nava says:

see you do the frame by frame masking method. Are you a believer in skipping every few frames to make it more “realistic”? I’ve been doing it your way ever since I started


Congrats my broo, is Great

Jonas B says:

Hi man! Nice video! Do you shoot in Slog? Or u use other picture profiles?

Paul Coles says:

A big thank you Bro. . .

Chaos Paddlers says:

I don’t care what anyone says ill never listen to them you are the best on final cut pro x!! I need to update mine

Naz Nash says:

Wow nice one

Eugene Jay says:

Bryan, the “MASTER OF MASKING” One of the best teachers and has the best tutorials…FOLLOWER & SUBSCRIBER FOR LIFE! Keep it up Bryan, you’ll be at 1M followers in no time!

FreezingCream says:


Butch Fagan says:

Have you done any fcpx tutorials about how to archive or move old projects to external drives?

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