Music Video Tutorial – Final Cut Pro X

This tutorial will teach you how to make a music video look with easy techniques in Final Cut Pro X. Can we smash 1,000 likes?! 🙂

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Beau Barkley says:

Thanks a bunch man! You are killing it! Your stuff is really good.

Lo GaM says:

Yo could you edit a video for me

Vivek Raja says:

sub to smosh has skills and watch his vids

Stephan Rodriguez says:

I agree with DMHIHD this is Fu**ing good stuff!, thanks bro!

Tony Siew says:

Awesome tutorial..Subscribed !!

Ty Cooper says:

Tuts, I have been getting a lot of drifting lately when importing into Final Cut. I shoot 24 fps 1080p. I record my audio separately on the Zoom H6. I have my Zoom H6 set on 48Khz24bit and have Final Cut set to preference 24fps 48Khz. What do you believe the problem may be? Should I set my Zoom H6 to 16bit instead of 24bit?

Micke Berg says:

Thanks! Great tutorial as always

jeremiah69100 says:

best ever to to rial ever seen

Rohann Pillay says:

Hey guys, the music by BluntedBeatz isn’t actually free? Am I doing something wrong?

Jonathan Kobz says:

Can you do this effect in iMovie? Thanks!

Supisara Klinchongkol says:


Casa El Catastrofe says:

great video thanks!

Tony says:

no syncing vocals, nothing to do with “music video” this is literally a video with music on it. what a waste of time.

Yabne Papagno says:

Is there a new website you can recommend ? This one is saying that the host is no longer available and it takes me to shutterstock where i need to pay $79 to download the clip Please help

Mr. Ken says:

$25 dollars for a song? I don’t think so.

Siddharth Tanwar says:

you are very good

hockeyblocker12 says:

where are you from? The way you say tutorial makes me wonder. You say it like tutoral without the i

Cherisha Etnel says:

In a lot of music videos, the vid starts with a letter box but then it slowly slides out of frame. How do you do that?

fotobook studio says:


Keana Alaine Quinto says:

more music video tutorial please!!!

Fareed Rashad says:


Fabio Boschung says:

Youhouhou it is exactly what I was looking for!!! Thanks a million KingTutsPro!! I m sooooo happpyyyy!!!

Will Duff says:

How do u download the music

The Canon guy says:

Thanks alot.iv been looking so much for that tips.liked and subscribe

LetsPutIt Together says:

you are dope bro. im glad i found your page!

Yinjie Zhang says:

is there any other footage website?

nune44 says:


Stephen Nelson says:

do you know how some people achieve the datamosh glitch effect in videos?

Güzel kalpler says:

Nice work!!
But which system do you use or favour for working with final cut pro x?
Thank you !!


cool tutorial

Foe-Tre Pablo says:

The Mob In Effect

john schneider says:

Really quick question, sorry if it was already asked. What does letterbox do?

Hector Castillo says:

Thank you for this video! I found it very helpful!!!

S.H. says:

i love this tutorial and how quickly you go through everything… this stuff isnt so hard to get and other tutorials are so lengthy… some are 1 hour just for basic controls… i mean, COME ON. Im Subbed! 🙂

JrFilms says:

how do u download certain songs/beats and put them in the editor if they aren’t on I tunes?

Danny Melgarejo says:

Thank you for doing tutorials like this. Very helpful.

Artisound Music says:

Great video on Final Cut Pro X (added to channel playlist)

Filmmakers / Video editors / YouTubers ,
Check out Artisound for the perfect music for your video projects.

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burubura says:

i dont see color correction in video effects options 🙁

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