Pop Out Effect | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

This pop out effect, Final Cut Pro X Tutorial video will teach you how to create a really cool effect that is usually done on After Effects. I’ll show you a way to do it on FCPX that is EASY but does require a bit of repetitive work.

**Sorry for the bad audio! Both my Blue Yeti Mic and Rode Mic broke last week – still waiting for my replacements**

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SJFTV says:


FLG8R says:

really enjoy your tutorials … thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge

Geeky Viky says:


Soumendra Jena says:

Try this 2 tutorials from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYBOPPoiRRY : 0:50 and 2nd effect is 1:10 – Killer!

Braze McClain says:

So simple and helpful, thanks!

Tyler Rostedt says:

Dope Effect. You got a new subscriber right here! Keep them coming!

Luis Velázquez says:

Felicidades muy buen video..!!!

Zomboy Productionz says:

Awesome! Really cool effect. You should call it The Ring effect!

SidTheGeek says:

wow awesome tutorial

My Alaskan Back Yard says:

great , keep them coming !

SokPiseth OFFICIAL says:

Cool effects

SlabOfAbdulla says:

This is dope man!

Mark Kelvin Palomares says:

anak, i lub you huh

FlybyFrancis says:


carla says:

Direct to the point video tutorial. Love it! Subscribed immediately

Lyzard says:

Very cool

Kevin Paul says:

Awesome! Thanks

DeejayNaikotv says:

gret stuff! keep it up

Just being Hayden says:

So glad I found your channel epic cant wait to see your vids

Teo Eduard says:


Julio Velez says:


Samir Ahmad says:

Amazing work brother!


such a cool effect!

Charles Thompson III says:

X is pronounced 10… it’s a Roman numeral. Just like Mac OS X. and iPhone X.

Norman Smith says:


Blaine Feyen says:

You’re awesome man! Keep it up! Love how you keep them short and to the point!

Cameron Moore says:

Fast, easy to follow and helpful. Perfect

Rali Akbar says:


Vinnie Camilleri says:

Cheers Buddy great tutorial !

banz jaime san juan says:


DJ Alpha says:

This is so sick!

Keith Miller says:

This dope more



Paswa Tv says:

This is awesome. Looks kind of hard to do cause it will take time.

Anders Killander says:

Really cool, love your tutorials! Super clean. Why do you have to blade cut the first part of the top clip and remove the draw mask from the first part? Thanks

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