Pull Back From Screen Effect | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

The pull back from screen effect is another easy to create effect on Final Cut Pro X. In this tutorial, you will learn how this can be done so you can add it to your vlogs or any video projects you might have!

Jack Conte’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/JackConteExtras

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Alexander Banashko says:

Thank you for that lesson man 🙂

Cox -Tube says:

beautiful video! what are the audio effects called? could you send me the link? thank you

Kalyn & Robert says:

dude! I like your content so much I don’t skip your adds! Great Job

Cleveland Terry Bowens says:

Thank you. I was literally about to start looking into how this is done. Respect.

JRproductions says:

Thanks for uploading this very helpful

camouflage says:

Do. you know How make the grime effect ? From getter headsplitter

joanmichel says:

Where do you get the sound effects? And what is it called again?

Faiz Akbar says:

finally i got youtubers with the tutorial final cut huhuhu :'(

Eyad Aljardan says:

nice tutorial.. Thanks

Yuvraj Chhantbar says:

Just one word to describe you brotger…..”genious”

Yahir. Films says:

Where can I find a tutorial like this, but with premiere pro

Park Kyuhwan says:

구독중입니다. 많은도움이되네요~ 감사합니다.

Alan S Mathew says:

how to make this effect ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9u1pcFonYk : 0:12

Manuel Neni says:

PREMIER please

SokPiseth OFFICIAL says:

Nice concept

Michel de Dálnok says:

Loved it! Simple and on point! Thank you.

Marcos Rocha says:

This is so cool!

Gustavo Rojas says:

You have earned my sub! As a real estate agent I am always trying to deliver my content on a innovative, creative, and new way! thank you for your help

GapYearGuy says:

How’s your Lacie working? Mine don’t work with the new High Sierra. Lacie deskstop Manager notices hard drive but Mac can’t find it. Did you even had this problem?

i'm SFT says:

can you post the link of sound effects packs you using

Andy Tran says:

THanks bud

Flipzco says:

Are we related?! lol my last name is francisco

Michael Duran says:

you the best men you dont even know how much I’ve learn from you!

melvin sy says:

The best FCPx tutorial channel… short yet detailed and precise, no time wasted.

Sean Kalkreuth says:

Cool effect

Luís Guimarães says:

Hi Brian, I will try at PATRICIA ELIAS channel, she a famous beauty professional in Brazil, check out monday morning! Thanks very much for yours great tutorial, Im using them at her channel!!! I already did the pop out effect, and I will do the flicker effect too!

Jerin Grover says:

Jack conte actually uses this plugin

Naf Bro says:

Hey man! I wanna learn more cool techniques like this from you. Subbed!

MADpack says:

Where you find the type of letter that you use in the end of your videos? Thanks man

Lauren Alley says:

This is so awesome!!! Thank you!! Love learning new little tricks from you to take my videos to the next level! Can’t wait to try this one out in the next few weeks while I’m travel vlogging! Going to be great to be able to insert a clip of me explaining what’s going on if I forget to in the “actual” shot!
By the way – what camera were you using? (not the one you filmed on but the one we could see on camera)?

Ernie Dean says:

DOOOOOOOOOOOOOD – don’t leave final cut , this is the only channel i need to follow . KW Represent!

Faisal Alam says:

good stuff

Ivan Leal Martins says:

Hey Just subscribed to your channel and clicked on the bell you are amazing!! Love your content. I have a question where do you get or buy your sound effect like these once you use in the video? Best wishes 😀

Imani Christine says:

Thanks for this. I was just thinking about how I need some help making my vlogs nore creative. New subscriber!

Armando Nava says:

but where do you get them swishes?! lol

BarefootAlex says:

My new favorite channel!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Daniel Martins says:

I don’t know what I like more, the fact that you go straight to the point and make a 2min tutorial or the tutorial itself. Way to go!!

revitalizedkicks says:

Great video

ARSHAN says:

You’re really talented and cool, I’m a premiere pro user but I’ve Subscribed your channel because you tutorials are so simple and effective, thanks 🙂

RandyRanCandy says:

Dude love all your tutorials, especially the G7X Mark ii Cinematic video settings and shots. Big Fan 😀

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