Slow Motion Tutorial – Final Cut Pro X

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With Final Cut Pro X, you can slow down your videos and make them into a slo-mo video! Watch the video to see how it’s down.

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Julio Legrec says:

Hi thank you for this tutorial! What if my camera only film in 50p?

CamDrippy says:

Is Final Cut Pro x free?

mark shirley says:

Thanks for the video your stuff is excellent but this tutorial is different to every other one Ive seen – they tell you to shoot at a high free rate and put iron a lower frame rate timeline. Im not sure if Im missing something here

Jennyy Tan says:

How could i download it in HP laptop?

Brendan Arnett says:

If I record my slow motion clip in 720p60 but the rest of the footage in 1080p30, what should my video properties be set to? 720 or 1080?

Sandra Malalah says:

You’re welcome

Sah dude says:

Which gopro did you use ? thanks for the tutorial btw. I have a gopro hero 3 black so will it work with 1080p with 60fps even tough in the settings it says 50 fps. And will it work with 120 fps if i set it to 60 fps in the project. Thanks

Stephen Nelson says:

hey, i’m new to the channel. do you have any tutorials for instrumental videos?

Danny Lee says:

Absolute legend! Exactly what i needed!

Harry Venables says:

2:22 is when he finally tells you how to do it.

Caroline Queen says:

Hey there! These are awesome videos! I had a quick question for you. If I were filming something that I might want to be in slow mo but I wouldn’t know until the editing process, would I need to go ahead and film everything in 60fps even if I were to keep some of the videos at normal speed? Also, if my project had some slo mo and some regular, which fps would I choose when I create a new project? Thanks!

Ronald Wolf says:

So you render clip first, after slowing down, then run it through optical flow?

stgreat1998 says:

I have a question. Im working on a short film right now where im recording in 24 fps on my dslr however there is a really short clip where i want slow motion so ill have to record in 60fps for that clip. The problem is i want to export the entire film in 24fps and i heard that exporting high frame rates at a lower rate messes up the video. How can i get around this ?

John Ruiz Productions says:

Great tutorial!! A+!!


I would like to learn how to isolate an object and blur background

Chris Plimmer says:

Question: when making a video that has clips shot in both 24fps and 60fps (slowed down). what is the procedure? do you set the project to 60fps or 24fps in finalcut? how does that work?

Quick Easy Tutorials says:

How To Make Perfect Slowmotion + TRICK

Mike Orellana says:

thanks man. it was really easy to do..

JourneywithJay says:

I wish Youtube hosts would all stop talking the same way. It’s annoying

Rotter Tube Reef says:

you mean 60i

Gengiskhan Alegría says:

una pregunta por que cada vez que intento importar un video en la tag ling no aparece directo se me va al ese flacha de mi izquierda

Marlon Valencia says:

Awesome Tutorial


what about for i movie whats the process

kenneth schaijk says:

can i keyframe this and for example make only a kickflip slomo and them speed up again gradually?

Shah Daily says:

what if i record in 120fps from the iPhone 7plus?? Just subbed by the way, you make FCPX way easier to work!

Trisha Lindsay says:

How do you do that zooming in effect on Final Cut?
How do you show your computer screen and a screenshot of a tweet for example in your video through Final Cut?

Chet 2000 says:

Hey how could I do ramp slow mo for like skateboarding videos . With the ramp slow mo audio also . Before the update ,I was able to do it easy but now I can’t figure it out

TwS Sniping says:

Can you slow motion part of a clip???

Austen Thomson says:

That a cool wee tutorial! Thanks

Cristian Bianchi says:

Thanks MAN!!!!

Kamara Kamara says:

I am confused. I have a gh4 and shot in 96 fps and I want to slow it donwn in final cut pro x. the problem is that final cut pro highest framerate is 60 and it messes up the slow motion once I put it to 40% or below. what should I do?

Cholo Serrano says:

Any info on videos that are 120fps? I have a Sony a6500 and I filmed on 1080p 120fps.

Zomboy Productionz says:

Thank you! I was wondering why my slow motion always looked like crap lol!

James Bell says:

Hi there, love your tutorials, for handheld videos (not perfectly stable footage) would you recommend stabilizing the footage first and then making it slow motion after?

Cannon Maumus says:

Thanks helped a lot

LeqendZZ says:

who buys the original 300 dollar application??mi just cracked it

Camila Gotuzzo Barrios says:

Is there an option to put two videos at the same time in the screen and watch them parallel? Kind of like expectations vs reality in 500 days of summer? Thanks!

Kendall New says:

Sorry but.. garbage tutorial. The point of shooting footage with higher frames per second is to eventually slow it down and render into a video with lesser frames per second. You would need to create a project file in 24 or 30 fps. When you shoot 60fps … slow by 50% and then export into a 60fps file.. you didnt capture any extra frames to allow for the slowed video playback.. so youre just showing the same frames twice and blurring to the next frame with optical flow. For ideal slowmo.. shoot in 60 or 120 fps.. then create a project file in 24 or 30 fps.

Robert Blythe says:

“Because why not?”- +kingtutspro’s favorite line.

Vance Tenort says:

Hello, I have some vector graphic that I would like to use in my FCPX project. How do I go about using them ? Thanks.

DeSean Kirkland says:

Cool. I learned about optical flow.

VVTiLyfe says:

can u shoot in 60i?

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