SPEED RAMP Better Than SAM KOLDER Himself – Final Cut Pro X

Them: Where do you find your music?
Me: Usually in old suburbans under the left arm rest and occasionally here – http://share.epidemicsound.com/nmfFP

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Speed ramp better than a bunny wired up on sugar.
This tutorial is like none other.
You will laugh and you will cry.
You will wonder and you will discover.
But ultimately you will end up frustrated from the overwhelming amount of memes and awkward moments compiled in this lame excuse of a tutorial. (:

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Shannon Gold says:

He did so much extra talking and added so many random B Scenes I got lost keeping up

Kalyanmantra Productions says:

Waste of time. Just 45secs tutorial and rest garbage

Briahn Vidane says:

entertaining af but I’d have to watch this like 3 or 4 more times to learn…ain’t nobody got time for that. lol. Still entertaining. Cool video.

pecodo B says:

really appreciate the comedy and wit, but it totally trashed fucked with the main point…he didn”t explain how to do SHIT….worse tutorial ever. sorry bruh…

Thushyanth Ravi says:

At first i was like this is gonna be annoying. ended up being mad funny

Jasem AlOmani says:

Dude. Please go easy on the jokes and stupid cuts. Wastes ur time in editing and wastes our time find content we are looking for. So much potential in you.

Samy bbm says:

38 seconds in, i already love you

T. Lawaree says:

annoying AF

Jim Madden says:

Try hard. Too frustrating to watch.

ok go says:

for fuck sakes man, if you are going to “try” and do comedy do it in another video. Your editing on the so called funny gag stuff is horrible and wastes your viewers time! Just do the fucking tutorial and put a link in for bloopers for anyone who wants to see your routine. Your editing skills or tips are what people want not the fuckery, it’s not pro. You can be funny and pro but you are killing your audience with the stupid 13 year old cartoon humor

Michael Moutsatsos says:

Can you stop the bullshit and get to the point Waste of time

emotion pictures says:

love you man

Califa G says:

Your is a piece of shit video!!

Aldin Rama says:

Can you do this for premier tutorial?

Sam Tays Productions says:

This is the best, thank you so much, just made me laugh so hard while stuck editing 🙂

Remo Daut says:

Great tutorial bro!

skimage visions says:


Kristipy says:

Best. Intro. Ever

Stefan Totev says:

Cut down the jokes (and the annoying loud interruptions) to about 2 per video and you’ll get yourself a winner.

József Kehi says:

Size video!!!!!

Parvez Akther says:

You are not teaching anything but showing off. Too annoying and garbage

chinthapalli Sri mouli says:

wat u just trying to say man ,,,,…. r u giving a tutorial or showing us ur editing skills ….
ushhhh frustrating useless video

Charles Owusu says:

Premier Pro version needed

Roaringlionz Productions says:

Insane bro, up top

Demetrius Laquan Jones says:

im lost nice video i guess

Shannon Allison says:

Really……….good lord.

Eric Cheung says:

Man your videos are awesome!

Equestrian Torii says:

it’s really frustrating to watch all the added clips.. just the tutorial pls.

Zach Harnish says:

how is anyone ever suppose to focus during this video…

JK’s Outdoor Journal says:

Some constructive criticism. Stop the comedy and get to the point

Just Shirley says:

i enjoyed the random humor… but maybe cutting it down just a bit?

AjdinatoR says:

Keep up with the amazing work! You rock!

Fahad AlAbsi says:

I agree your talented but this is distracting …. its called the doorway effect you keep loosing us every time you switch images and sounds which really don’t enhance the experience…. or learning anything.

Art Paccino says:

Demasiadoooooos memes!! i hate you’re fuckin tutorial!

Age of Empire says:

*interruptions in this video are even badder than watching 1 millions ads from google*

Martin Kentos says:

bro you are so funny and helpful too 🙂 thanks for your work and share 🙂

C Effect says:

This tutorial was hilarious af

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