Tips And Tricks (FAQS) – Final Cut Pro X

What’s going guys! In today’s tutorial, I’ll be showing you guys some tricks and tips as well as answering your questions about Final Cut Pro X. Leave a like you found this helpful! 🙂

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G.O.M says:

Like for unlimited good luck !!

born hunting says:

Can I use final cut pro with yosemite 10.10.5?

Justlife says:

Nice video . Keep iT up greets from Belgium

Zach Ahmad says:

Hi, the Generators are big in the timeline. How to minimize it like the Titles? And is there anyway possible way to make my clips automatically cut for 1 second in front and back when I add it to the timeline?

bgalex says:

Thanks for the great tutorials, they have helped me start up my channel again making videos with your help of these videos. Keep it up man!


where can I get more inputs ?

NoVision Productions says:

Have you ever considered on becoming a Certified Final Cut Pro professional?

Global Everything Tv says:

Do you have the $20 a month plan for adobe or a free copy I wanna learn that software but know it’s gone take time

Kelai Takahashi says:


storyfrontier says:

Hey, you can change more settings like frame rate if you click on and highlight the actual project itself. You only had the clip highlighted. You can change many settings that way

Kieran says:

Could you try make these tips n tricks video’s once a week?…

Kikis Hope says:

Yes, thank you so much!! This is so helpful n_n

AftabPlays says:


JayIsABoss07501 says:

bro I need your help I need you to help me learn how to splash from water to my bed like jesse wellness

Chris R says:

I really fuck with the tutorials, they’re ode helpful. I would like to see a tutorial on having emojis, symbols, blur or a black bar over a face, titties, etc. An example of what I mean is Wiz khalifa’s Taylor gang video

ruckus780 says:

Could you possibly help me out. My mac says it is full but basically got nothing on it. Would you know how to delete files in final cut. And how to set up where it reads from. I would like to start working strictly off of external hard drives. Ty. Much appreciate your videos.

Walter Kingstone says:

Another useful tip: to get the inspector to display down to the bottom of the Final Cut Pro window, double click the bar just under the sign to expand it.

Nicolás Espitia says:

Please!! more deep explanation about the transcoding process to import files

Esquire Life says:

Do you find yourself needing 2 monitors to edit? I’ve learned so much from your YouTube videos

Policky Media says:

I showed you the gtr video because I had a question about how to make the words stay in one spot while the camera moved or how to do the wheel outline and exhaust outline effect can you please do it

AlluringProductionsNYC says:


Paul Hitchman says:

Here’s a question… unlike Premiere FCPX brings footage in and it’s 100% meaning I’m trying to set-up at workflow where I shoot 4K video and edit footage at 2K which means I can zoom and crop and do pseudo camera pans etc. So I bring my 4K footage into FCPX and it’s scaled to fit and in the properties it’s 100%. In Premiere the footage comes in at 100% but if the project is 2K then you have to scale the 4K footage down to fit and you know it’s 50%. Or am I missing something here??

Mikey Elliot says:

love your channel bro. thanks man

Rare Gaming says:

HELP ! how do you come back from a error ? like i just delete something but i dont know how to come back from before !

John Cee says:

you helped me so much mate keep it up aye 🙂

TAUFIQ T says:

good hi

Baffour Anim says:

you have literally helped start careers. you are the man

Jas and Ba says:

Love your videos!! So helpful 🙂

NextTech says:

Can you make a video about how to get fcpx for free?

Ben Fleay says:

Excellent work mate 🙂

RabidZoJo says:

Great video. Great explanation. Would like a more information on transcoding if possible!

CellXBreaker says:

ur awesome

Swapnil Sangle says:

Give proper title to video. Tips and Tricks what for ?


Which do you like better, Filmora or Final Cut Pro?

Leo Miura says:

Hey! Thanks for the nice Videos! I have this question: How do you make a film strip transition (like those old projectors had) in FCPX? Thanks!!!

SerenityNow says:

always learning from you! thanks for everything!

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