Tutorial: Final Cut Pro tips for BEGINNERS

You have a camera. You are back from filming with a bunch of cool clips you want to make into a video. Now it is time to start editing.
Here are a few tips to get you started with Final Cut Pro X.
Have fun!

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That was a good tip about putting audio in primary storyline and video on top for beat-matching.

Benno Hammerstein says:

Thanks, I’m just starting with my own movie of my snowboard holiday. Very useful tips for beginners.

SnapItMark says:

Oh u saved me so much space, thank you so much! I was so confused why is my laptop getting filled so fast now I realise I didnt have check at “leave files in place“ 🙂

Muhammad Asyffeq says:

very helpful. thanks.

Brock Baumgardner Films says:

Hey guys I love yalls work and i had a quick question for yall. I’m traveling to Mexico at the end of the week for a mission trip and I wanted to film short documentary while I’m there and was wondering if yall had any tips or anything shots or anything i should be looking for. Thanks guys keep up the awesome work!

Floris Fiedeldij Dop says:

Noooo NO MORE !!! I love these videos and I am still waiting for the new iMac, and I can’t try most of this out. It’s currently so sluggish it takes the fun out of it. And these vids are exactly what I need to just brush up and stay fresh. *sigh* adding another bookmark 😀 (tldr: love the vids, keep um coming)

AnaMaria Orozco says:

Hi. I am a beginner. Is it really this complicated to finalize a project? I would personally find it very useful if you did a part 2 to see you applying this to a clip showing the before and after product.

gaurav arelly says:

This software only works on Imac…??

Kevin Reeves says:

BEST, to the point introduction to editing in FCPX! Thanks for sharing. You guys have the top film making tip channel on YouTube!

Doerr Productions says:

That was a fantastic tutorial!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

Oscar Frondozo says:

Great video! Very useful tips.

TheLtUhura says:

Well, I’ll just need to review this about a dozen times to absorb it all. Lots of good suggestions.

ROB Nelson says:

Nice Jonas!

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