Twitch Effect – Final Cut Pro X

What’s going on guy’s! In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a glitchy twitch video in Final Cut Pro X! Demolish that like button if you enjoyed 🙂 Be sure to comment on my latest Instagram post too 🙂 I’ll follow some people back!

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sunshine blue says:

song ??

Marco Weckerle says:

Hi, great video thanks. the thumbnail of your video shows  legs an NYC from above. have you a totorial from than effect? Thanks Marco

Anmol Kapoor says:

I need know how can we get mlet pluggin?

ams.mp4 says:

gosh these tutorials are amazing! you’re really good at explaining what you’re doing! And you’re just very easy to understand! (sry if there’s any grammar or spelling mistakes! i’m from denmark so yeah..)

Adila Omer says:

I wanted to start by telling you how much I love your channel, and how awesome & talented you are! Thank you for all your helpful videos… Can you plz plz plz make a video about how to make a full square Instagram 60 sec video clip by using new updated version of FCPX. I’m sure so many people will be happy to see that kind of video. I will really appreciate you… God bless!

McNeil Belle says:

Hey bro Great Video quick question how do you move from frame to frame on the timeline like that

Nn61vlog says:

At 3:33 minutes I tried to move the key frame 2 frames but I don’t know how to do that ! Any help?

Roman Hoodyakov says:

you need do it bad tv only on a ball )

Brody VanNortwick says:

Bro you ad lengths are brutal! I can never skip them whats the deal love your edits but this gets annoying homes

Madison Williams says:

How do you do the text reveal but reverse? So like how to cover it back up after its been revealed by an object?

Alex C says:

Guys he’s wrong. No need for all the key frames and shit. Just use the earthquake effect with the bad TV effect. Gives it the perfect look.

Jugeton Squad TV says:

Great stuff man. Again learned something new. Does the twitch effect already come in Final Cut Pro or is it bought separately

Jitsslo says:

awesome stuff for fcpx! thanks

L DC says:

i love you dude. dont ever quit. youre a public figure who people look forward to for help. keep coming out with great content/advice


Great video. I was wondering if you know of any reason of why my effects wont work? Anytime i add effects to my clips nothing happens.

Armaan Kapoor says:

Go ahead and Sub to my Chanel 🙂

VPM production says:

Final cut pro x///Magic Door///VPM production official///Tutorial#5

Yordany Taveras says:

What song did you use?

nyballer90 says:

Thanks bro

It's ririman! says:

awesome! thanks for all the tips amigo!

Alex Cio says:

That’s a very cool effect!
The keyframes are the elements that bring your movie alive.
If there is something to track, or anything that needs to be moved, it is done by key frames.
Would recommend to everybody to learn them before going on with anything else…

KimFootball says:

wow perfect tutorial for me!

Haneen Hayan says:

what the name of the song in the clip?

Ed Rambeau says:

Cool effect and simple to do. Love it.

Danshapo says:

I’m about to most a video with imovie exit tell me what you think about it

Peace World says:

Thanks for your tutorials

Random Studios says:

wow im early!

Daxter Cage says:

Video starts at 1.44

Get Googles says:

How do u edit ur thumbnail??

Arsalan Ali Ansari - Non linear Editor says:

love it

Larry Rodriguez says:

Thanks for this video!

ShirlinaFIT. says:

Excited to try this out.. Thank you so much!

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