ULTIMATE Beginners Tutorial for Final Cut Pro / Express (Part 1 of 2)

Part 2 of 2

0:30 Overview
2:02 Tools
2:25 Getting Started
3:55 Importing Footage and Pictures
4:20 Creating Bins for organization
5:01 Editing what parts you want
6:50 Showing the Audio
7:00 Zoom Tool
7:22 Viewing more layers
7:44 Rendering so your movie can play
8:00 Rendering
9:30 Adding in more layers or pictures
11:00 Using the tool bar
12:00 Snapping and Audio Linking
13:00 Linking Audio and Video
13:25 Putting video files and pictures in place
(moving them around)
14:00 Image and wireframe – IMPORTANT
14:25 going frame by frame

Part 2 of 2

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Shane Ken says:

Hey, great video, im just starting to get into making action videos again. Any recommended websites to download audio/video effects? 

HelloB MyGmail says:

very good, could follow no problemo, until you started talking about that “‘flash thingy”. This is a tutorial for BEGINNERS – right? so using the “snap” and “Flash” etc, is a long way down the road. If we can become a bit more certain about how to CUT out parts of a video, how to put Audio on it, how to isolate the background noise (such as wind or an airplane) and how to do FADE in/Fade Out, and then how to export into a MOV or MP4 file – that would be already a big big step. Because then we would be able to actually USE the program. So once again, the first 80% of the video is very good, but please, for Beginners – focus first only on these: 1. how to CUT 2. How to put Audio 3. How to handle background noise 4. How to do Fade in/Out effects 5. How to Export – so we have the END RESULT. then Tutorial N2 should be about how to INSERT a part from another video. (so you have Video N1 and Video N2 and how to merge the two.) Also, my suggestion: slow down! remember, for a beginner, everything is new. when you do a tutorial, think of the 16 year old boy who first sits into his dad’s car: he has no idea what to touch, what not… etc. Two years later, he will shoot down Hollywood Blvd, one hand holding a handy, the other one holding a hamburger… cheers Ben

Carlton Lieberman says:

thank you a lot this was really helpful for me

Terrell McCadney says:

hi im white

Ethan Artist says:

Thanks so much again for your tutorial videos. I will be watching them again to freshen up on it, but this will for sure get me started on my Final Cut Pro. (I know you showed Express but what you showed will help as they seem pretty similar so far) so thanks again!

Jeffrey Madisen says:

Great tutorial! Could you please do a tutorial on how to use Pro Res? How to convert to ProRes and specifics about how the movie will be exported. Thanks so much for your efforts.

John McQueen says:

Thanks a ton dude, this really helps.

Kristina Sandnes says:

I have a Final Cut Pro exam today and I am totally blank when it comes to video editing programs. So now I have to study hard for 5 minutes!! (By watching YouTube videos haha)

Darthsimpletext says:

can you help me with the following? I want to output again but i cant


Regan Cranmer says:

For Final Cut Pro X do you have to render videos? For some reason iMovie isn’t working for me and Final Cut Express is going to take up too much room on my tiny laptop

joseph dunphy says:

how do i put the tools in bottom right corner i.e the blade tools etc back to the same place  as in this video .. its doing my head in

AnimeWatch says:

how do you render? you said command and R but what is command?!

joseph dunphy says:

hey … the blade tool on my fcp is not where it is in this video .. please some one help me restore it

Steph Turner says:

so for rendering space are there any foreseeable issues having the files on an external drive?
And do you have any estimates regarding length of video, and/or amount of files used, in relationship to the final rendered size?
are there good tutorials for importing from camera and exporting into a common movie file(s). I read to use quicktime at some point. I also hear that often people have both FCE and iMovie why is that?
Thank you a mil. going to watch your part 2 now.

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