UP Your INSTAGRAM Boomerang Game | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Do you like creating Instagram boomerangs? Make sure to check out this tutorial as I teach you how to take your IG boomerang game to the next level in this Final Cut Pro X Tutorial!

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Эмиль Аллахвердиев says:

thanks man! your tutorials are very helpful

Ryo Cones says:

Always love your content!!!

Helena Coelho says:

You are amazing! Your videos are helping me soooo much! You should have millions of followers!

Keep up the good work

Seungwoo Kang says:

Oh, another cool transition! Thank you!

Miguel J says:

At 2:41, when I start placing the keypoints it does the entire clip from the beginning. How do I get to place them at a specific time/frame?

jaya murugan says:

U r Genius

Saverio Galax says:

Explain this montage to me : https://youtu.be/z7yqtW4Isec.

Tolga BAHAR (TactiCoolWorld) says:

İts Awsome Channel Thanks For Shareing

Dominoe Effect says:

hey man, Can you PLEASE PLEASE try and do a tutorial on the lele pons eye trick? even if you have to use a plugin I think theres a ton of people who would want to know how with fcpx

Leandro Lins says:

Great video bro

Oluseun Ogunlegan says:

This is what I’m talking about!!! This post is FIRE!!! **Insert Air Horn Blare**

Abdelrahman Alhato I عبدالرحمن الحتو says:

man everything you post is easily doable and you make us wanna try them at once !!
thank you

Jonah van der Werf says:

This is awesome!

SimplyFreshdew says:

I love how u explain how to shot the videos b4 actually showing up the editing process … it helps out SOOOmuch

Haytham Dalank says:

Thank you again and again and always for such amazing tutorials keep it up body !!!

Dino Linsao says:

Dude I’m loving this idea! I just made a boomerang out of a drone shot last night, and now I’ve got another one to try and make. Love it bro!

Get Busy Living says:

Another top video. You must plan your videos out SO well – they are always so succinct, but at the same time nothing is missed. Thanks again Bryan!

Stephan Krause says:

You are a G! Thank you.

Marcella Rey says:

I Loved it! Thank you.

Warren Urbexing says:

Another amazing video I am going to have to get some film this weekend and give this a try how are you not at 1 million subscribers already amazing

Fishing GrubbZ says:

Always crushing it!

2andFro says:

You’re so helpful (and fine LOL). Thanks for always sharing ideas with us.

Christian Becerra says:

Keep up the good work man. Your tutorials are amazing!

Greg Hill says:

Great tips man

s Aravind says:

I have planned to buy a iMac for video editing.Could you please tell us the minimum system specifications to run a final cut pro..

IndayChenChen says:

Your tutorial is awesome!

Larned Justin says:

Again some things in this tutorial that I would have never known about, thanks

Aleksander Strnad says:

you should make a tutorial how to make an intro like you with all glitches effect and everything

Jason Farrell says:

I really like your work. Besides your videos being really cool your tutorials are very easy to understand (without the rambling like other tutors). Keep up the great work.

Hamza S says:

God DAMN hOw much I love you man — THANKS BRO

Jennifer McKinnon says:

Awesome! Thank you!

greenpowertemple says:

awesome video man ! really helpful 😉

COMiKON says:

Although I’ll probably never do this, it was still interesting to watch and learn how to do it. You have a great channel here Bryan! Keep up the hard work

Big Kids says:

So cool!

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