Video in Text Effect – FCPX Tutorial 2017

Place video or photos inside text, a Final Cut Pro tutorial 2017

In this video we’ll learn to place video inside title text. Instead of a boring plain titles, create more vibrant titles by placing video or photos inside the text. No plugins or masking necessary. This is achieved by applying a title over the video clip, choosing a nice bold font, so the video is clearly visible inside, and selecting Stencil Alpha from the blend mode dropdown menu. The clip is placed inside the text with a black background. In the second part of the video, I will show you how to replace the black background with another video clip and animate the title to scroll across the screen by using keyframes. Make sure to check out my channel for more Final Cut Pro Tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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Sandeep Deswal says:

Thanks for the info.

patrick seago says:

It’s really that simple, another Great tutorial

musicmachineplayer31 says:

Thanks very well explained

musicmachineplayer31 says:


Sonny L Mugambi says:

Been trying to figure this effect out. Thanks for the tutorial. Subscribed!

Henry Hall says:

Thanks so much for this video. I was able to quickly apply the effect to my latest project –

Derrick Vision says:


Ernest White says:

LPTGuy, I have never subscribed to anything on this internet. Your tuts are the best! I tried them and all works as you say. Count me in as a subscriber. Thanks man. You ROCK.

Ahmed Siddiqui says:

loved it

The Elevator Daily says:

You don’t necessarily need to use a compound clip. You could put your background clip above the title and set the blend mode to behind. You can also use an image mask.

Georgina Penstkart says:

Really great tutorial! Thanks so much. I’m curious thro, where is your accent from?

Henry Hall says:


imaginetMedia says:

Genius. Thanks for sharing.

Sandeep Deswal says:

Thanks for the info. I learned and enjoyed.

Karthik Unboxed says:

Great tutorial!!

RichieTheGuru says:

Sweet, thanks man!

Anonymous says:

Super! Thank you from Russia!

MrHome33 says:

Greetings from Russia! Thanks for the cool lessons! Good luck!

F ish says:

Very nice and easy and short! love it

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