Basics of Mixing (FL Studio Tutorial)

This Tutorial is done by KC Supreme showing you his process of Mixing.

Take and apply this same knowledge to your workflow and improve your ability to make beats.

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cody42693 _ says:

This was surprisingly more helpful than all the other mixing and EQing videos I’ve watched over the years. I’m cutting way too much, i’ve learned. I usually stop cutting when I hear the sound sort of thin out. I guess that little bit of difference really shows in the final mix. I also boost whenever I cut, but I noticed you only boosted a few elements within the track, I think it depends on what’s in the mix when it comes to what you should boost, I guess? Really great technique when switching to mono and slowly bringing in everything, as well.

Cortney Warren says:

Internet Money… I rock with you guys! Thank you

osmark86 says:

bus compression is normally useful too. plus panning to space out the mix. reverb for depth. sides and mids. tons of more things you could use for mixing, I feel you should have touched upon some of this as well if you’re going to go for a mixing tutorial. anyways, no hate and cheers mate for uploading this. keep up the juicy goodness!

FlyaBeats says:

How can i make the eq 2 window bigger?

stjackso17 says:

Great vid!

Mac Williams says:

How about a video on Leveling and Panning at least?

DZON says:




Gullyfacemafia says:

Great Video

Huseni Habibu says:

thank you thank you
some dudes dont talk about this MONO shit

Tre Scott says:

Ya dude.. where’s the advanced mixing video to follow this.

Ismail gamer says:

thx bro

afritunez says:

MASTERING next please


We need a mastering one asap.

Wise Locust says:

When mixing and mastering, do you want everything always done in mono? What about individual instruments in mono vs. stereo? When do you use stereo?

HoodieBills says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH … please do one for the master channel . And for intermediate level ? I’ve been doing this for a year now … any new techniques EQing pleas help

GTOCXxALJ3cT says:

Where and how do you get all these different instruments? I really like them.

TyeProductionz says:

How did you expand parametric eq 2 like that??

We'reJustLikeYOU says:

Good tutorial bro! You need to make a part 2 bro of how to make the mix louder and from where you left off in this video!

Ant Batly says:

Thanks For the Video Great Info Fam!

Hylive says:

For comparison,
Before mix-1:16
Mid mix (just EQ) – 13:38
After mix-19:04

Eric De Palms says:

Ur beats sound cleaner than mine with no effects…

Karl Robert Reinart says:

Stupid question but how can I resize the plugins. Do I need to enable some options to do that, cause I can’t drag them currently.

Jessie Butler says:

advanced mixing vid please

Br ave says:

I had to pause the video halfway to say it’d the best EQing tutorial I’ve see. And I’ve seen a loooool

Cameron Robinson says:

Bru you help so much. I’ve been searching all over YouTube and the internet for this basic information but it just charges me for classes.

Oti says:

Every beat I make should be mixing like this?

TMD Instrumentals says:

Your videos are amazing, it’s the little things that count. I appreciate the work, I subscribed!

Abraham Garza says:

Thank you so much for taking the time make this. It was explanatory without being overbearing with information. Subbed! 🙂

StonerBoyP says:

finally an easy to follow and easy to understand mixing video!! thank you for the tutorial, I really appreciate it!

Mojo Mother says:

Thanks man. Helped a ton!

Paul Lewis says:

Awesome, clear and precise tutorial, Cheers (8


serious question bruh, are you not supposed to eq the 808? I never see anybody eq an 808 in any of the tutorials but if your supposed to do all the instruments why stop at the 808??

Seth Waris says:

PLEASE do a vid on advsnced =mixing

Itz Chris Gaming says:

Question: when your making the beat and you go to master are the sounds already in the mixing channel

Zayeem Chowdhury says:

What’s the difference between using a shelf to low/high cut as opposed to using a low pass/high pass filter?

Rex Rogers Beats says:

Thanks KC !!

Grande Muzik says:

Can we get a video on FLStudio vocal tracking and mixing?

Ruben [[Rube Cube]] Rodriguez says:

Finally somebody that can simply put how to mix and master. Thanks. Watched so many videos and ppl r so hard to follow

Jesus Osuna says:

More Advance mixing please!!!!

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