Can you make a ROCK SONG without REAL INSTRUMENTS? – FL Studio Tutorial

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Hey guys in this video I am going to show you how to make rock music in FL Studio using Nexus for the instruments. So we are not going to use real instruments just vst plugins. Is it even possible? I guess so.


Arcade says:

I try to do it all 🙂 Thanks for watching!

And check out Splice for some great samples:

Alexandre Gois says:



you’re a God

Lil Kaiju says:

This is probably my favorite tutorial video for any thing ever

Hack Junkie says:

Appreciate the effort but it sucks!!Also when you do guitar in the pianoroll you have to play with velocity to make it sound more natural.

Ais Marciano says:

incubus – megalomaniac


I hve many idea in this video..

Tronci says:

Nah it doesn’t really work but that was cool anyway

Random passerby says:

The beginning drumline is very similar to the beginning of The Transformers Theme by Lion. Though I guess that there are only so many beats that things are bound to overlap.

Abliss says:

Hey man. I don’t know if youre a guitarist or not, but how do you adjust how much palm mute is used in the song? In other words, the guitar in the intro sounded slightly muted/muffled, but when the drums came in, there was no muffled sound to the guitar. How did you do that? That’s something I’ve been DYING to learn how to do with VSTs/DAWS

Fanisha Karina says:

The guitar melody sounds like Javanese music XD

Garrett Anderson says:

Can you make a “Modern” rock song like, something that could be similar to bands like wage war, of mice & men, or three days grace, breaking benjamin?

Dex Atro says:

one of the funniest vids ever lol!!

Lorenzo Duplicato says:

wow its awesome tutorial..

Kevin Daniel Esquinazi says:

you won a fuckin suscribe

Twisted Party says:

Great work my man, it made me wanna try to sit and learn how to do it…

Could you please share a list of wich VSTs or samples were used? Only for the instruments, not the FXs

suman seven says:


m.v. m.v says:

Super ro super

JoDed _ says:


Pedro Siscar says:

The only thing I didn’t enjoy in this video is…
You differentiated “teen” songs from “proper rock”…


Foxy says:

What’s the point if you can’t find play it alive loser !

Darshan Nandeshwar says:

Love it. ❤️

Now says:

You can see my rock music


I wanna learn from you. How can i hve fl studio.. ita there any way to get free ??


2:00 hahahahah

Claude Davis says:

Did you get those nexus presets from splice as well?

Dat Boi, Lonnie says:

The beginning reminded me a whole lot of the beginning to Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

saby8765 says:

It’s like Goku’s epic power up to SSJ3

Rangga Mahardika says:

you have to check my cover. i make the sound like real band. checkk it in my cover

Honami Matsushina says:

Nice Tutorial Also With Those Funny Joke #SoCreative

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