DJ Snake Tutorial in FL Studio 12 Click Here for the FREE Project Files


Ross Clarke says:

What plugin do you use for the vocal edits?

djjireh says:

Hey man, just note that ur intro song is really loud comparing to your video…

guido quispe sosa says:

A question that fl esdo is that sylenth that I do not find it

Hartin Parrix says:

doesnt sound like dj snake tbh

Vivek Topiya says:

where can I get fmb?

australianpirate says:

N Im here looking at my computer like Robin Williams from Jumanji:

Arcade Alchemist says:

guess this was the video David Getta used to make his Rio world cup anthem. GG

CLEAN. says:

this is how you make a Steve Aoki track. Step 1: go online. Step 2: buy a ghost producer. Step 3: make tons of money and say you made the whole track. please support if this tutorial helped you out, and like if you want other tutorials like this.

411Soulman1 says:

A few years back I noticed what I was sure that these new musicians were descendants of eighties musicians who still had their KORG DSS-1 sampling synthesizers. I thought they all (DJ Snake, the pianist (assuming) of The Chainsmokers, Mike Posner, that Troy fella, etc.) found the old KORG propped against the wall in their dad’s or mom’s closet, brought it out, recorded their voice, said “Hey, let’s bring back the 80s sound, but with a 21st century twist!” I think playing the samples directly from the KORG is easier than pasting them one by one on an FL Studio “piano roll” but that’s me so…


please make a Dr. Dre style

Vigneswaran MahiramVEVO says:

guys hel^p me to get flp

Eldridge Jones says:

real nice! very clean!


is its feel on or feel alone

HornetAnimations says:

chords doesnt fit tbh

DJ M30W M1X says:

Could u make a videos specifically focusing in on intros and transitions, I seem to have trouble making smooth transitions in my tracks

Lavya Jaitly says:

i need FM8 plugin

emmanuel odeh says:

thanks man.

Pierre jean Rodley says:


Neel Dhar says:

Very good

KOAN ! says:

dude learn some actual music theory..

AJs says:

Thank you, i founded a amazing thing, a Filter Cutoff. Thanks 🙂

Yasz King says:

if u press and hold the mouse on the mixer sending number box on the channel rack and directly press the number from the keyboard, it will send it to mixer on the following number, Shortcut figured out..!

sunchtru says:

Thanks a lot))))))

Anis Ansh says:

good job bro

Samad Khafi says:

ctrl + s

Roman Ratskey says:

chords are not in the same key what !?

Hey-PAYBACK says:

love your video..

Abir Da Noob says:

please i need a dubstep one…love ur vids

WG Nation says:

this sounds really awful!

AfrO Acoustic says:

hey from where you got that tom cat/Minnions type vocals???
Please Give The link Please Please Please

Marouan M says:

i do not get the same sound out of that fm 8 !! NEED Help pls, i have the standard sound, which presets or sound did you use? good work, continue

Joseph Vallenilla says:

Soy el unico que habla español si no lo es dale like


how many years need to learn full soft?

junior pro says:

the best.

Tommaso Fabi says:

I see you suffer from obsessive CTRL+S disorder as well…

Zouhair Taia says:

your the best and your proffetional but why allways your beats are low

MrRAk1N says:

can you add a sub subsection for this video, like you did with drake beat video. I like when you show your setting up process, where you import the packages, and other granular level stuff.

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