FL Studio 10 Beginner Tutorial (Starting from Nothing) HD [PART 1]

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Steven Montoya says:

Mine goes way faster when i play it?

Mich H Ibarra says:

I don’t have the DNC_OrionString some help please? :/

Luna Iona says:

Duuude since I posted this comment I’ve become so much better haha, it’s a nice little reminder of how hard I worked in FL during that time. I plan to keep at this for a very long time.

Sigge610 says:

Me too!

Simon Svanberg Salehi says:

Guys! I do as told but I can’t see the wiev with the different tracks?! I dont even have the meny for it?! Pls respont quick.

slghdjn p says:

i don’t have dance, club , choir and basses

Blazeofthecentury says:

press ctrl and zoom all the way out, and the do what he did on the tutorial.


is this the demo version

Yaniv Sharon says:

I really enjoyed your video and learnt a lot..My only problem was that when you did the dnc_orionstring yours sound slower than mine..Not sure why this is..Any suggestions would be great..Thanks again for your time and effort..

Karl Hans says:

Im using FL Studio 12 and cant find the Orion Strings.

Josh Sullivan says:

LOL this is so much better than the most popular tutorial (which was awful)

Isaac Poto says:

well m new but woth ur tutorial m gona learn a thing or two thanks bra nice one de.

Bastian Tange says:

I am kinda lost, when I open my FL Studio 10, and click “new” under “file”, this is what I see: https://www.google.com/search?q=fruity+loops+10&biw=1920&bih=947&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=zfnYVO6hH5HtaqO-gcAF&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#tbm=isch&q=fruity+loops+10+scratch&imgdii=_&imgrc=P8pH6Ykv5ScVKM%253A%3B5SzmcHQIT1U5AM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fpad2.whstatic.com%252Fimages%252Fthumb%252F1%252F18%252FMake-a-Basic-Beat-in-Fruity-Loops-Step-1.jpg%252F670px-Make-a-Basic-Beat-in-Fruity-Loops-Step-1.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.wikihow.com%252FMake-a-Basic-Beat-in-Fruity-Loops%3B670%3B503, it doesnt have the same layout as yours, anyone know what the problem is?

howler says:

Some of my packs dont play

Alpha says:

Same :/

Triggered Corey says:

when’s part 3 coming?

Lam Rwma says:

thank u sir. very nice project

Yaniv Sharon says:

I had the same problem

Josh Devers says:

exactly what I needed, thanks! I had experience with acid pro, but got lost in fl studio

garrette savage says:

The dance, choirs,club, and basses pack are under the legacy tab!!!

Stieng13 says:

I cant find the dancing pack
Please help and verry nice video, helped me much on getting started!

svend tausen says:

is this demo?
cause i have demo and i dont have the same as you.

Andreas Danielsson says:

Thank you! If anyone are interested in seeing a song i’ve made out of this tutorial check my channel or /watch?v=a5Tmndh43qA

Scaverous Studios says:

where do you go to grab the dance plugin? My version doesn’t have it

Tristan Tonning says:

Awsome thx alot.

Art Sanchez says:

Purchased my FL Studio 10 a year ago and still having issues learning the nuances of the program. I’m using my keyboard as a controller to create my own music/songs and can’t get to far because I’m new to the computer music world.
I’ve seriously been thinking about buying a different software (cakewalk/motu/presonus, etc.) but I understand that there is more of a learning curve which scares me off.

Your tutorials on the FL give me hope!

maxmose jojo says:

its coOl…..♥

wizag wizzy says:


ModernNomad says:

Cool! Thx for a nice tuorial!

Josef Andersson Engman says:

Thank you so much man 🙂

rigomortisfxstudios says:

thank you this is just what i needed

Yaniv Sharon says:

Also when you entered pattern two it went from bar 1 to bar 5 but when i entered my pattern into the track it only went from bar 1 two bar 2 what am i doing wrong???

Irish Identitarian says:

Great tutorial

T-Fresh dj says:

straight to the point, nice tutorial

AmbiNt says:

Did you get those dance packs from the start? I cannot seem to find them in my program.

howler says:

yes you do they are in the legacy pack

Maddd Hatterrr says:

THANKS MAN!!!! ur da best

Filip velico says:

how do you copy paste a sound (not a pattern)???

Alpha says:

Check your beast per minute. Should be at 128 for hip-hop/140 for house etc music

MostLogicalFc says:

can someone please tell me how I make my screen show more.. I can see seven or eight spaces for tracks on mine and a lot more on this one above

Yaniv Sharon says:

me too which one is better…?

Eugene Broeren says:

Hey, nice tutorial! i got one problem, the part with the piano if i click play, it plays so much faster than yours and it’s tempo set to 140.000 Thanks in advance!

Alpha says:

If you have a recent version of FL studio and cannot find OrionString it has been changed in location. To find it go to Packs>Legacy>FX>Instruments>Strings>DNC_OrionString!
Thumbs up so people can see this!

OvaldoBrown1212 says:

I still don’t get it, can you simplify the video, there were certain things you didn’t mention, I am new to FL Studio 10, please help?

Altripayo says:

I dont have the panel at the left, (with the samples and packs etc.) how can I help that?

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