FL Studio 11 Beginners Level 1 Tutorial 1 – Introduction


Want to get to grips with FL Studio? Well over the next 16 videos, FL Studio sensei SeamlessR will take you through the key areas of FL Studio 11 on PC.

This is the Beginner Level 1 course where SeamlessR will show you how to get to grips with the software, from opening it for the first time to cresting your first sounds, beats and finishing your first track.

First up we take a look at the user interface showing you all the key areas you will need to know, then we bring in some drum samples to create a drum loop. Next up we create some cool bass and chord sounds using Harmor and even Minisynth and lastly we finish off using some automation and plugin effects to get that achieve that pro sound.

You can watch free videos from this course @ http://www.sonicacademy.com/Training+Videos/Course+Overview//FL-Studio-11-Beginner-Video-Tutorial-Level-1-with-SeamlessR.cid6953


maaz nisar says:

love your videos but i have question do you have tutorial 5 of fl studio 11 or can any budy suggest me wich is better clip for giude

Denicia Richardson says:

Are you able to save the beats upon completion to be transferred to a CD?

BrEaKiNg_Brad says:

that is the coolest shit I ever heard come out of FL

SnaxtheBarber says:

what was the purpose

3 incher says:

He wasn’t lying about being very loopy

Rachit D says:

I know nothing about music production. When I listen to a song I could remix it inside my head like the kind of remixes they have in the youtube channel trap nation. I am from India and I know nothing about how can I learn trap music production. If I ask someone for help they start laughing and they say it’s a waste of time. I think this is what my passion is. Please help me and please tell me what should I do to learn this and how can I make those sounds playing inside my head a reality.

NamrednE 125 says:

I don’t know how people aren’t getting that this is a multi-part tutorial, at the end there is literally an annotation in the centre of the screen to the next episode.
Also, great tutorial! I’m hoping to learn more from this! 🙂

Odin Sikveland says:

most i by FL to make songs like you did

Cerialos says:

That song was really good


wow you are really good at this wish i could do this!

Rish Osman says:

H there i, I need some help on adding a specific vocal reverb effect that I heard on a solo vocal track..
can you perhaps show me how to achieve that effect on FL Studio 12 ?
I can send you a piece of that clip. Thank you … Please assist me

Isaac Fong says:


Aek_Nerd says:

I want to make upbeat tracks like your beginning song as music for my gaming videos , ??? what version of fruity loops , would be my minimum in your opinion ?? thanks !

Blu Toon Huski says:

What’s the song name???

Wordplay says:

Can I download it? (The song I mean.)

orlando martinez says:

you didn’t teach anything

Jeremy jean-noel says:

Waste of time, this manz didnt teach shit

duy nguyen says:

Hey you are Seamless, my fl studio 11 has really alot of your projects, they’re really good

Arunasva Bhuyan says:

My hats is causing a tremolo to my fl keys piano chords in a song. I do not have any effects in the mixer. Also everything is routed to a channel. PLEASE HELP :'(

MrUbister says:

I like Seamless as an artist, but as a teacher… he can talk really fast and skim over details

Daniel Simmonds says:

Martin Garrix is probably jealous because you make better shapes than he does

Musa Rico says:

Finessed us into listening to one of his songs off the mixtape

CØHEN says:

0:40 Play the goddamn track!!!

Advik Aryan says:

was that teaching??if it was then how?I am a new to fl studio 11 but this tutorial was shit

Samaresh Bera says:


Jennifer Gonzalez says:

Song is awesome!! Thanks for these videos!

jonathan garcia says:

didn’t learn shit.. I thought he was gonna show how the basic steps work but instead he plays that horrible beat

TheBackHole! says:

you should help us idiot

Mads Normann says:

The ammount of people who do not get that this is a series rofl… smh

Dark Void Infinity says:

Dude i wanna learn too can you please teach me…

Denis D. Lactif says:

jocker…did not learn crap

Treyvon Smith says:

He literally said he was going to play the end first and y’all still mad.

donger schlonger says:

I am so confused as to what he said in the beginning about the future.

Henry Kims says:

man this is kind of comlicated which the biggner can not understand..Can you start to the very simple part I mean how can the biggner can learn from the basics

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