FL Studio 12 Basics 1: Zero to Hero

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José Salgado says:

You’re damn good, best FL Studio 12 tutorial. Simple but solid. Thank you!

Goh Tze Xin says:

3:41 YAY


great vid

Averros Apollo says:

Dude,you’re really quick , please slow down a bit .

Raphael Khoury says:

hi can I download fl studio 12 for free?

Jose Tomy says:

Its awsm

Gunningyoudown says:

that actually really helped get me started. thank you

ukjent hovdaktør says:

great tutorial series! thank you man!

Fabe Agario says:



How to get those blocks back? i come from fl 10

MindTech says:


Vipul Singh says:


lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other * says:

it still looks soo complicated lmao

Christopher says:

This is exactly what I was looking for. I am new to FL Studio and this has been a great help. Thank you Seamless!

Acie Belen says:

Thanks for this 🙂

wolverine96 says:

Thank you. I am playing with the demo version, (which is actually the full version but it doesn’t let you open projects), trying to figure out if I want to buy it, and you sir have the best quick-and-to-the-point tutorials out there. I will be watching this entire course!

RedHangerTV says:

hey when I render the song it cuts off and it will cut off any beat like my bass and it will cut off for like 5 seconds and come back and same thing when I render it and listen to It as a mp3 what should I do to stop it I have the demo version

NickysSquad says:

in piano roll it s not showing on the chords ”g4 or others. Its only says C4 C3 …what can I do ?

Jordan Michael says:

Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Have been using logic for YEARS, and the work flow is so incredibly different that learning FL seemed daunting to me. Now I can begin my new journey, thank you.

Crista Clark says:

Yay, a tutorial video that isn’t boring lol


You need to slow down talking to fast love the info explain it a step at a time

Arin Deniz Demir says:

Dude you are fucking awesome thanks for the tutorials

edutainment films and footages says:

your voice is too low compared to the fl studio. it’s just annoying to hear all that difference

Snoodie says:

150BPM for the Russian Hardbass

Christoffer Gavin says:

where do i finw windows that i have minimized? im veery new to this world

Arti Kumari says:

how do u get piano??/

Peter Geenen says:

No YOU have a nice day! (V)(M_M)(V)

Fankh says:

Flstudio Is shit

MYELbe says:

nice man clear short and to the point instead of these 45 mins vids :D. Thank you 🙂

Luka Šišara says:

How old is this legend? He knows so fucking much about FL.

Two Words says:

Great start.
Thanks!! 😀

kieran k says:

Learn Now How To Use Fl Studios.

ZZZ XXX000 says:

Video stars at 00:52

Alex Newman says:

I only found your series of fl studio tutos today. I don’t understand why, the YT search engine shows results from other guys whose videos are so long, confusing and not engaging but yours didn’t appear until today, and not in the SE but from the recommendation window. Your vid is short, focused. It isn’t so clear sometimes because you talk FAST, but I guess it’s ok.

Naidu's club says:

Ty awsome sir.. But i cant see and get the what channels are ??

Kritan Batanu says:

where are the left and right locators, to loop sound ?

CrazyA Whooper says:

Your voice reminds me of GassyMexican. Love that voice <3

Monty Grieves says:

Awesome, excited to begin haha.

Nicholas Nunez says:

Seeing that the video is 6 minutes long, I thought it would be nonsensically fast, but I’m glad to say that I was able to keep up with all of that! Thank you for the perfect pacing and clarity of your tutorial! 🙂

Cam Mims says:

Was really hoping you knew how to take everything in the Sequencer and split them all up into they own Sound Box Like Vs having them in a pattern, like you did in this video Pattern 1, 2, 3.. Break em up into they own Box thingy Hard to explain…
Like on the older Version I would go on the Left Corner of the Sequencer and it would say something Like
(Split Channel by Sound) Or something in that Nature and then i could Put Sounds in the Playlist one at a Time.. Vs doing the Pattern 1,2,3, It just takes so much more time doing it that way! Hope i didn’t Confuse you!

Kongen Av Snøde says:

Great video!

My FacialHair says:

Yo this shit is dank mate !

yousif mohammed says:

So complicated

Tony England says:

Why do people talk so much in videos like this, just get to the details, nobody wants to hear all the babble

Joe Dahlberg says:

I have a problem with Nexus. Everytime I load a present within Nexus, for example a LD, I need to click on the toolbars in FL Studio to hear the preset. And if I need to change or manage a preset, I have to click on the nexus screen itself again for it to respond. It’s like if you’re watching a movie on WMP and has another window highlighted, you need to click on the WMP again to pause the movie etc. It is very nettlesome and it’s a waste of valuable time. Help?

tony terry says:

my fl has numbers next to the kick hat etc and when i try to copy them in it makes just one

circeowaggles says:

Just used this tutoirial to make my first beats

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