FL Studio 12 Beginners EDM Tutorial (No Extra Plugins Required)

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BasslineJunkie says:

Brilliant tutorial! couldn’t fault it. Thanks for teaching me pal.

CagelessThrottle says:

Dude, epic tutorial. just what i was looking for

William Wilam says:

Which plugin is the most powerful? *Sytrus*, *Sylenth1*, or *GMS*?

North Wave says:


Olli Vanajas says:

It’s absolutely amazing there are such awesome teachers as you out there! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on FL Studio and music theory – you’re really influencing the world here and enabling people to be creative 🙂

Monte says:

Where would I go for the project files? thank you!

Bzaar3 Official says:

3:21 lol

Revanth Raj says:

how u doing all those activities man without mouse

only thresh says:

can i do that on demo version?

Lixtrek says:

A little more mixing will make this song better.

Zarif Bo says:

1:39 where on earth is the “bank and go to user” thinggy? how did you open that

JacobiteJake says:

How do you put beginners right off creating music using FL Studio? Answer: watch this!!! Many beginners can’t read or understand music note values and chords, let alone all the effect terms that you say and apply so quickly, super fast way of killing beginners dreams 🙁 nice one!!!

TiMy Mix EDM says:

bor you can Add subtitle English For easy understanding

Charlie without Scene says:

I am really confused,is not that you’re a bad teacher(which you aren’t) but it just alot of stuff that i dont even know where to go,is really frustrating that i wanna make a song and cant

GLG Media Group says:

friggin genius

のpzTM XeroX says:

best video about fl studio 12 ever

ZeroMuzic says:

Love your voice & your mic! XD

Kyle Mauter says:

can’t use this i don’t know where he’s clicking

Lewis Ross says:

Is there something else in the background at the start? because mine sounds nothing like this, it kinda sounds like the piano of a horror movie lol.

Geopholus says:

Wow , this guy ‘knows’ music theory … (NOT!!!)

nerdy8675309 says:

Really tough to follow along without knowing where your cursor is. Will be finding another video tutorial.

Baritoni90 says:

Where are you right-clicking there? 14:22

John Dervisis says:

moro mou esiiiiiiii<3<3<3

Wayne Ness says:

How do you make it so you can move the notes higher or lower on the piano roll because my only stays on the same bar/line


Thanks for taking the time to make these vids/tutorials everyday. Means alot. Mad respect. very helpful

Ruben Brouwer says:

nice vid learnt a lot but i have the demo of FL Studio and i don`t know what i should do because i hate the sounds i have in the program and i don`t wanna spend much money on something i don`t know. can u help me?

deelo says:

This doesnt even sound like edm

Alyssa says:

This is a great tutorial but I am completely new to fl studio ad I don’t understand how you are making GMS make sound at the beginning without clicking anything. it’s at 1:40

Laila De Lima says:

Your’e a great teacher but I don’t know where your cursor is.

GavPak says:

c t r l + s

Gonics says:

why tf do i not have velocity?

michaeltietzyou says:

very, very helpful ! thx

Hong Nguyenthithu says:

how to copy and paste

MX WALKER01 says:

i have a problmen, in my piano roll it only apears from c0 to c10 in your piano roll it is diferent, how do i change it?, thanks

cole ambrose says:

Ok so this might be hard to understand but I really would like it if someone could help. So around 3:30 or so when he starts putting down the notes how does he make them custom length and not snap the notes to the bars. When I put them down it won’t let me make my notes half of 3/4 or anything?

channel says:

If I’m a beginner and can’t see what you click on how am I supposed to follow along..:(

DJShmoey TV says:

Is there a place where i can learn how to make music on fl studio?

abdellah biad says:

i can t see what are you kilcking on

datkoralle says:

I understood nothing bc i can´t see what you are clicking.

Casual__ says:

How do I get all the notes to show up on the keys in piano roll?

James Gullickson says:

This is the cardinal sin of edm….

Tech Bro says:

subscribe me

DJLucas 610 says:


ninjatunaish says:

Really good tutorial, I’m trying to become a producer as well.

Do you know which FL studio package I should buy?
I don’t really have much money, but I don’t mind saving to get what I need.

Nikolai Euler says:

FL – Studio Komplete Tutorials.
Über 15h Professionelle Tutorials rund um FL – Studio 12 in Deutsch.

DRONGO says:

added my free samples but now no sound seems to be coming out at all, could someone help me out?

Md Zaib Khan says:

what is this software name

Tolectro says:

you are god

abhinav chhabra says:

can anyone plz suggest me what kind of books do i need to follow so i can able to understand the these kind of tutorials or which takes me to the next level. write know i dont know much what is happening in this tutorial.

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