FL Studio 12 Beginners Express Guide

FL Studio is one of the best DAWs because it’s easy to get started and get your ideas down. I’ll cut straight to the point in this video and get you started WAY faster.

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Konrad Broer says:


yoboy playz says:

perfect thanks im already working on intros

z wu says:

prime explanation. gives a big picture and with a fantastic demo

Renowned Insanity says:

Great video, but I was wondering how to zoom the whole studio out. You have far more keys on the left side of the screen when using piano roll for example and so I was interested in how to make mine like that. Plz help!

Larry says:

I can’t find playlist that shows the tracks how do I enable it?

Thomas Hlubin says:

Great video dude! Can’t wait to learn more from your channel. Just subscribed!


nice video bro

Stephen McAllister says:

i sure hope your making good money from youtube your teachings are amazing. easiest i’ve found on youtube.

yari datruth says:

Hi if anyone can help with this question I would appreciate it, Why doesn’t my patterns pop up on the left side like on the video?

Is-Sami says:

How do you make the piano sound so beautiful? Do you have a digital piano connected? And if yes, what type do you recommend?

Ramon says:

Thank you for the work you do.

Leonards Leim says:

Game, do you think it’s worth participating in the image line FL studio contests if you’re not the greatest EDM/Dubstep producer?

Dravia Show! says:


Steven Brown says:

mixer channel plays nothing (FL 20) – brick wall

Jari Beverwijk says:

Great guide, So relaxing. Your voice makes me even higher, as I am Right now.

Keep iT up

Benedict Allauigan says:

YOURE SO AMAZING BROTHER, Thank you for the tutorial it really helps me alot.

pro jack says:

Thank you. I support you from italy

Alex McKay says:

Great video! How do I get the bar for patterns that you have on the left though? Also any free drum packs etc anyone can recommend? Would appreciate it greatly!

Ralph Hartwell says:

Where can i buy nexus n omnisphere at?

Angur bansuri says:

i have downloaded the flstudio 12.— trail version.. i am mainly a cubase user.. i am trying to mixdown my simple mix for test purpose before i buy.. i use cubase as my midi to use flstudio vsti. i cannot mix the vsti and audio correctly .. either some notes are late and not in sync or the midi is not included with the vsti sounds. i have used cubase with propellerheads reason with no problem,, wanted to move on to fl studio and was just testing.. could you tell me how its done … 1.

1. cubase is master
2. fl studio slave as vsti multi
3. midi notes played in cubase and its all channelled right way. the sounds are coming through
4. when its mixdown/rendered. the vsti is out of sync
5. all vsti is not included
6. flstudio is not same bpm

i have tried every way i know off, nothing is making it right..
could you please tell me how its done.. need to make sure its what i want before i buy. thank you

Wavy Screwball says:

Love the vids bruv. Proper helpful!

47trei says:

Easiest instructional out there in youtube! You have no idea how you help up and coming producers. God bless

Vaas Barbados says:

Thank you very much.. It is really hard to begin working in FL by your own, and this short video taught me so many tips that I couldn’t master in a week by myself!

Walid Abd EL Madjid Bens says:

we need some smooth jazz tutorials game

Mah.Nibba says:

Does this program cost?

Thy Project says:

Nice .

Joshua Ramos says:

Thank you, you really started me off. You really inspired me to learn all this stuff. Really hope I can go somewhere learning all this as an undergrad!

Nick Amelie says:

hey busy works beats love learning from you ur vids have taught me a lot of things but I was wandering if u know how to make dubstep cuz I wanted to make some head knocking beats and thought maybe you could help.??

Jonathan Bendtsen says:

Hello my sound doesn’t work after I i record it comes after vi record multible tracks. if someone has a tip , it’s higly apreashh thanks 🙂

dread.pirate.forex says:

thank you so much will be checking out your website afterwards! this was hella helpful.

Meuzicbros says:

Great video!

Leer Litty says:

Thanks for the tips especially the kick needed that for the longestAnd for the vids man these are the only lessons I have I appreciate the knowledge

raptorgod77 says:

wait i dont have keyboard in instruments feelsbadman :L

Tarus Tarr says:

This is cool

The Epick Cat says:

Nice. I’m New to this stuff and these videos seem to help 🙂

Alan Rodriguez says:

This helped me so much. Thanks so much bro!!!

Malik Lucas says:

Hey when trying to record my piano over my beats it just stops after the first pattern ends

Danial Jahani says:

Hey game, whats up? can u make a video about how to make an intro?


Thanks. With your help my beats are awesome now! Im just work with FL Studio!

Optillistic says:

ive had FL Studio for 2 years lol this helped lol

Mackenzie Cusick says:

So what does the cogwheel beside my instruments mean?

ا.د. ايمن عايش says:

Many thanks  for your remarkable unique fl explanstion I always flow up your vedios and I invite you now to visit my Chanel and her some of my music composed by me…. thanksقراءة المزيد عرض عناصر أقل رد     1

NoHubris NoHubris says:

Thanks a lot. Just explaining the difference between Pattern & Song mode made this video worth watching, I didn’t know about that & it caused me hours of headaches when I tried sampling for the first time. This whole video is dope.

Edit: okokok just got to pattern creating, & I didn’t even know how to create new patterns to use the channel rack for different sounds. I know this is super basic stuff, but this is game changing for me, I finally understand how the GUI of FL works.

Churchill says:

This guy went from beginner to complex in two seconds lol, but I understood all of it so much appreciated

Jacob Garlick says:

Such a fantastic video! Helped me so much!

Eric Nichols says:

I am just now deciding to learn Music Theory ect. In any way I can afford to, I try to go the route of being self taught. Even though it is often difficult, in doing so, I have gained many advantages throughout life. I’ve been discouraged when it comes to this topic because since I was young I was given the impression Music Theory was hard to understand or that you had to go somewhere like MIT to truly understand it to its furthest depths. I definitely appreciate you giving these courses.. Thank You. And over the years with my exposure to music and song writing I have seen the flaw you were showing with the way some of these things are usually explained. It was reassuring and made me see I was on the right path to see you take a different approach in explaining it.

21Sky says:

If I use circle of fifths or fourths for connecting multiple instrumental chords like in one scale then will it be working… thanks.

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