FL Studio 12 Beginner’s Trap Beat Tutorial | Part 1 Drums

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Tronline Studios says:

Wow, thank you SO MUCH! I feel like some type of DJ right now!

T Cole says:

I recently purchased an audio interface by focurite called the scarlett 2i2 which seems to be incompatible with windows 10. could you recommend an inexpensive, efficient, audio interface?

chris brandsema says:

it’s not fair that you always include the 808 science drums, which costs money, in every tutorial

giovanni taouaou says:

i use the same kick but yours have more bass

Cap G. White says:

Im having a problem that whenever i put in a sound on the thingy that repeats, the note keeps repeating itself when i play it

YouTopia Storm says:

Very well done tutorial. This made FL so much less confusing. Precise and understandable instructions. Thanks for the help kind sir. Exceptional teaching.

Hmoob Nuj Sua says:

You can see it here: https://goo.gl/rZTXEm

Ricardo Privado-Tolbert says:

yoo Busy…my nexus keeps going to my master/mixer…how do i switch it back to my channel rack?

Hunter Cook says:


Taikamuna says:

Okay, I’m gonna make 210 bpm music so do I need to use 420 bpm?

Mecca C says:


King Kunta says:

oh my God thank you.

blackcompe says:

@Busy Works Beats: The email form on your site doesn’t work. I can’t get the sound pack.


I’ll stay posted to see what I can learn I’m getting mpk249 and fl studio image line

Iris says:

Thank you <3

Stephen Nelson says:

I think this is the first tut I’ve seen with over a million views.

snif E.D.M says:


Russ Evans says:

Just wanted to let you know, i had a GREAT time tonight because of this video, all the while the couple downstairs has been aggressively fighting. Thanks brother.

Josue Nieves says:

Love it brotha, I finally getting it. I can’t wait to get to next video.

at one point, i thought it was cool says:


Tokyo Ghoul says:

you were the 1st tutor who actually starded from scratch to not loose the student you earn your self a sub, i’m glad to be hear thanks

AnonyWolf says:

You got my sub from this vid

Uriel Lucero says:

how do i get autotune

Darryl Franklin says:

when i click on folder nothing shows up

Russ Evans says:

Just wanted to let you know, i had a GREAT time tonight because of this video, all the while the couple downstairs has been aggressively fighting. Thanks brother.

chrisdgaf says:

my cymbal repeats every single bar what am i doing wrong?


Cymbal. “Symbol”

Raeshawn Jefferson says:

I cant hear whats in the channel rack

asvpx domyslav says:

this helped mi soo much thank you 🙂

White Jesus says:

how the can i ‘highlight’, witch button? when i press mouse 2 it deletes, when i press mouse 1 it moves it i dunno how heelp

speysolor says:

verry detailed and well to understand thanks !

JynxGaming says:

nice congrats on the draegast intro

feel small says:

Crystal clear tutorial, i want to get into beat production to broaden my horizon since i only produce rock, punk, pop music

Erik Mitchell says:

What software is he using? and how can i get it

Nate Williams says:

Thanks man .. great info

Tronline Studios says:

I know this is a beginner tutorial, but I feel like a world class DJ after seeing this.

The Basamazingti says:

Thanks for the tutorial. It helped me a lot to understand FL Studios! Greetings from Germany

low key says:

Appreciate your incredibly user friendly video. Love the way you teach bro. Amazing work.



Thor Odinsson says:

Appreciate this

Yung Trouble says:

Its an old video but still helpin out alot 🙂

Johan Johannisson says:

You! The narrator/creator has a very comfortable voice, makes me wanna stay for this tutorial instead of any other.

Young Dre says:

where do u get the 808s and the kick IH i cant find em

Wesley Cepavicius says:

this helps alot.. needed a refresh of the brain… I’m a rapper an trying to produce my own beats but needed help on how to use FL studio 12 a little better.. way different from 11 or 10

Jay AnAm says:

Ok, Ctrl + C is working, you just copied it over the existing patterns then with Ctrl + V. Then you drag it, that’s ok, but it doesn’t copy it just because you drag, that’s moving it! If you want to copy, you can hold the Shift-Key and then drag it, this is duplicating the patterns you drag.

Shavaughn Cameron says:

my piano roll looks wrong

Russel Jones says:

When i left click/hold it wont clone. NOthing. how do i solve this

Sir Price says:

Now every time i add a new template. those sounds i add, get distorted. after setting pitch. the sound (snare) is now playing a unrythmed typed loop. and i only have 1 snare on the board.

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