FL Studio 12 in 5 Easy Steps | Beginner’s Starter Guide

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In this new FL Studio 12 overview, we show you the 5 easy steps required to guide your way around the program. We don’t just show you the new features or the different sections, we show you WHY this stuff will apply in your average song creation process.

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Mark Firepaine says:

this is a lot more helpful than the other tutorial on here. thanks

Judson says:

F2 and F3 are not working

RandomTv says:

Anyone know how to get the lastest Fl studio for free?
Not the demo but the full version (Producer)
If anyone knows how to, please reply!

Davewhch says:

Sure this video is very long but I think it is necessary to get into the program. Thumbs up man! Good job!

ruben kapata says:

really good thanks

XYR3N says:

i suggest you get a custom big fat shiny colorful cursor so we won’t lose the cursor all the time XD
thanks for this video though dude yuo’ve helped me out sooo much!

Mox_au says:

great stuff man, thanks heaps

EvaFrass@me..y pree says:

I literally can’t finish this video, gotta find out on ma own

Kerjack Live says:

Thank you so much, your video taught me how to start making beats. BTW I love your content, don’t stop.

Larutanrepus says:

Thank you for this tutorial! I learned a lot, you are a great teacher 🙂

Jordan Jaisingh says:

Hey guys, probably a silly question but what version of FL studio 12 is being used? Fruity, producer signature etc?

Luku Kalita says:

This is the best tutorials for FL studio 12. Much appreciated sir.

Peter Geenen says:

Thank you, great Tutorial!

cashmoney says:

I haven’t even started on FL yet

Barney Murray says:

Everytime I change the Audio device to ASIO4ALL (showed at 13:45) all my youtube videos stop working and I cannot play any video until I change it back to the default FL Studio ASIO. Does anyone know what has happened and what I can do to resolve this issue? Thanks

bruhh_ yeeet says:

Did u Gus but the 60$ version or the 100$ version cause I’m using the free one not all the stuff is here but most of it is can you guys tell me

raul galicinao says:

so, I just transcribed this. right this time. lol

Gung Nanda says:

man you are a legend

Patrick Bounyavong says:


Gorjan Jovanov says:

Does each pattern has own mixer?

The Majestic King says:

just wanted to be the 900th comment

PatronTV says:

Thank you very much for the creation of this video, I just finished. What video of yours is recommended to watch from here if I want to keep learning about the basics?

Caleb M says:

I’ve been using garageband and i got this so thanks because i watch your videos but didn’t really understand fl

1 분 says:


Dizzi Zoon says:

this is the only 1 hour I ever use in the internet without any regrets. the vid is old but guess what? still useful than many tutorials about FLS in present Time. thanks to you Bro.

PvMEgaming says:

So, I am trying to use Gross beats on a specific synth pattern. The thing is, I want it to slowly fade in, instead of working on the entire sound. I tried creating an automation clip, but its just not working the way I want it to.

Edward Taylor says:

How do I get the Fire Drum Kit?

Cole Daniel says:

The program is so intimidating when you first open it but once you watch this video you basically know everything and it seems so simple. Thank you for this video it helped a lot!

Belle says:

Awesome Tutorial!!

Kings Dominion says:

Can someone please help me…Why am I getting distortion on my midi controller when I hit certain keys?

canal2 says:

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials but this guy is a real professional and makes it delightful to learn it.

Insaniac says:

What version of FL Studios do you need to purchase for all these tutorials because I know one of the tools you use in your Trap tutorials (Edison) isn’t available in the cheapest version of FL studios (Fruity). I only wish to create some basic melodies and good beats for the purposes of game sound tracks and rap beats would the Producer FL studio package be enough for what I want to do?

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