FL Studio 12 Melody Tutorial

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Chiraq_Shawty says:

how do I create rolls in my melodys

PrateEk Patil says:

you talk too much.

yung chine says:

How did you copy it plz help

Abhijit Kharat says:

hay how to add scale like e5 s2 on the pino roll

aLivingLegend357 says:

damn bro I greatly appreciate ur guidance

Mr_LemonSquares says:

Very good tutorial.

Glossy Melon says:

“The computer doesn’t have any idea of any hit songs.”

Good thought.

The Flying Pie Plays says:

Am I the only one who thinks that this sounds like something I would hear in a haunted house right before I die??

Siberianvolk says:

the computer cant make a hit song lol great video man!

Caleb Mohamed says:

My piano roll is measured by 1 beat per bar and it makes the tempo extremely fast anyone know to solve this?

The King Max says:

This sounds like the start of a 21 Savage beat.

LongPlays says:

Sounds like the Professor Layton soundtrack to me. xD

SilentNoise103 says:

how do i unselect a selected area (the pink highlight) in the tracklist

Jordan Witney says:

make the keys your slaves. got it

vishal chintal says:

i dont have major notes in my fl

Psychs says:

i did the exact thing you started with but my sound is a lot more echoe-y and loud as hell

Youtube inquiry says:

Why does his piano have lots of room between 1 and 2 I only have 16 spaces? He has a lot more? Please please help me

Matej Pelušić says:

no, you just cant explain this to someone. its like: You know or you don’t there’s no other way, when u know it you just cant explain it cuz u think: oh well, if I understand it, others will understant too… I feel like im in math class after missing 4 weeks of school

Biiah Nascimento says:


sofia kiss says:

at 6:12 how does he copy it ? i cant find it …

mesaomar2 says:

when i put down a note it doesnt go perfectly aligned i always ahve to detail and zoom in to get it perfect how can i fix this?

nazdak says:

can somebody explain to me about the timing part here because when i create a melody and it repeats again,the timing is kinda off but in this video, even after the small melody ends,when it repeats theres no off timing…i might be sounding dumb right now, i really hope theres someone out there who more or less understands what im trying to say. please help.

Ginn Patchi says:

i have a problem man, when trying to record a melody, it don’t play the pattern in sync

Darren time says:

thanks man!

vishal chintal says:

it shows only c5 notes

Elfferich says:

Well… You’re not even using C scale…. For beginners it’s easier to don’t use ‘tension’ at all. Because they are going to be confused in how the C scale actually sounds like.

But I like the idea of recording the melody you have in your head. I always program the notes straight from my head and while doing that, I sometimes forget what melody I had in my head.

Biiah Nascimento says:


Scott Mclaughlin says:

thanks man!

ChampagnepapiJr says:

Dis some childish gambino sounds!!!

shashwat chamoli says:

plz can anyone tell me about the intro song


im so stupit i forgot to subscribe him

Wahab Hazza HeartBeat says:

every singer here ..this channel produces a many ways for making beats and professional songs ..also we support the beginners and the fresh singers for free …..we call you to subscribe us to make us able for serving you better

super3ds says:

I can’t think of melody and when I do I can’t map them out and it frustrates me

Cj Abdelkader says:


Hmoob Nuj Sua says:

You can see it here: https://goo.gl/rZTXEm

nemean lion says:

how did u get only one channel?

Asap sandwich says:

U help a lot man. U have no idea

Mostfett beatsissty 003 says:

hi flp tutorial ??

Beatin says:

If anyone here can tell me why the hell my first track is so bad advice would be greatly appreciated

TheEgyptianOne says:

How do I get the scale in my piano roll? I cant see a guid

virtuoso says:

its weird because when i put my notes, the sound doesn’t resonate like yours does. i’m probably missing someting but i wish someone could explain my why does it just play the note but without resonation

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