FL Studio 12 MetroBoomin Tutorial (Does Young Metro Trust You??)

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osmark86 says:

drop the pastaaaah

wdzo says:

How do you keep doing things without even moving your mouse?

WM 56 FBG says:

Man this is so cool! You’re vids are awesome, very useful!

Paddy Hennessy says:

Where did u get ur drum packs



proshan says:

do you start your beats with drums?

Silent Parker says:

Does anyone know how to time shift in Logic pro X ?

invite Apollo says:

where do u buy this

Raghav Patel says:

13:33 resume

Baniol. G says:

You are god in making beats and tutorials thank you so much… 🙂

Black Smith says:

What does he mean by 3 and 7 when he has them on 3 and 9?

Demilade Olaleye says:

Skepta would eat this beat

Oscar La vista says:

so all the other programs your opening are apart of fl studio or not like the glither?

Alex Rodriguez says:

where the hell did you learn all of this?

Rubix says:

this guy’s intro had me like “this gonna be good” (at first tho)

Agtwiz says:

I do not get the same GMS sound at the end at all, despite i did everything just like you :/

Dwayne Nunn says:


BuzzyBeatz says:

Next time do us a hard metro boomin type beat with more hard basses and krazy 808’s, but these bells are so cool my bruh even the mixin and your freestyle is dope!

ItsDatplaya says:

at 14:43 how would you do that on FL Studio 11?

PajGraphics™ says:

Whats that intro song?

Brandon says:

Can you do a video on the knowledge of beats like how to read bars and etc? Like you was explaining at the start, at 3:00

marsh mello says:

Are you using the producer edition of FL Studio?

Joe Natale says:

can you do a bones/ team sesh style beat?

Jeffrey T Mabokwane says:

now that is a cool way to learn as up comin beat makers thank you

Buck5kinmanx8 says:

If I wanna really make a beat like metro boomin and understand the 808 mafia soun, learn counterpoint. Instead of just putting 4 notes for a melody, u could actually learn to structure complex melodies with counterpoint

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