FL STUDIO 12 SAMPLING TUTORIAL | How To Sample In Fl Studio 12

►FL STUDIO 12 SAMPLING TUTORIAL | How To Sample In Fl Studio 12 | Always wondered how to sample / use samples / do some sampling inside of fl studio 12? In this tutorial I show you how to do it and explain all the basics for beginners at sampling/samples.

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55Ty2NICE says:


Nicholas Dwyer says:

I knew all of this stuff and still found this video helpful. Other tutorials go through a bunch a random crap that doesn’t have anything to do with sampling or they explain literally nothing at all and just zoom through the entire process with 0 detail. This video is the perfect medium.

GateImagination says:

Hi, this beat sound nice but, what do you do afterwards?! I’m blind in that process, I really don’t know, like how do you make certain instruments not painful to listen to?!?!

Milaad Hotaki says:

U should start a course on udemy !!

black mirror says:

usefull tips brotha, thank you

Santi Jaramillo says:

why can’t I add drums?

Sphesihle Ndlovu says:

My Fl Studio does not have the Stretch option on the mode drop down but it has the Slice Stretch instead.

Laith El-labban says:

How about working other instruments and song elements around it?

Nickol Price says:

Exclusive beat ➡ https://youtu.be/t3h5HBLdSUk

Silent says:

Awesome! Not looking to become a producer, but I just like producing my own music for my edits.

Joe La Bidouille says:

Thank you !

MikeDolla Beats says:

Great video Chuki.. VERY useful tip for sampling in various of different ways..

Laith El-labban says:

One, two, tree, four

Tumbleweed says:

Nice video! Simple explanation, simple demo, easy to follow and no confusing pointless chatter. Just how I like them. Subbed.

Gershom Maes says:

No need to duplicate the entire loop to separate the lows from the highs – you can just send the loop to 2 different mixer slots!

King Kinfolk says:

Chocolate Rain.

PILOL Officiel says:

You cannot avoid to press the “Like” button, you say it so many times in the video lul

LEE ELL says:

Dope beat

DRENO-213 says:

2:30 its starts

DJ Phanatic Beats says:

Dope technique duplicating the sample cutting the lows on one and highs on the other! Subbed!

maceo al boukhari says:


Hamse Gurey says:

is that retnik beats in the background?

Gerard Warren says:

Where did you drag the track from?

staticbg says:

dudee,you play forza?Let me add you GT:staticbg

JmansFragments says:

i like those baby blue and purple lights i want my room to look like that

Mom's Basement Production says:

I found this video very helpful

Nathxn Beatz says:

good video bro

banger ganger says:

pls help me i have a problem in sampling i get a nice loop from sample and i time strech it to 4 bars but then my tempo dosnt match the sample its not on beat pls awnser

Triple X says:

Het werkt niet de sample word heel laag en veranderd niet als ik alles doe wat jij hier doet

Enig idee ??

shedrack okpeke says:

you are amazing dude! i love this shit.

Pedro Messias says:


Krudez says:

For the people wondering what the song is ?
Howard Blake – Night Tapestry

Jordan Duncan says:

Is there a way to play sound fonts on fl studio Mac beta

Dave says:

You lowkey look like Nick from trainer tips

SoulutionZ says:

Sick beat you made!

David Phillips says:

this was very helpful really appreciate it

Sky Beats says:

i’m learning too much from you thank u so much. God bless you ♥


Man! I want to try to learn this music shiet for a long time . but it always seemed so complicated. But now by watching your videos i start to realize something !!!! Maybe i will try to start one day when i will have more time!

SixxxMisery Records says:

Thanks man

Justin Rodriguez says:

anyone know the name of the sample?

Chuki Beats says:

You’ve been asking for this!!!!

banger ganger says:

i mean my drums dosent match my shit

prince swagkid says:

Cool Chuks

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