FL Studio 12 tutorial How to make 808 Bass for trap and hip hop

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This tutorial show you how to produce an 808 bass for trap and hip hop. After watching this video viewers should be able to use Fruity Loops Studio 12 to make trap 808 and bass. Be sure to subscribe like and comment and let me know what you want me to tutorial next!




Dale Delis says:

Just a thought .. take background music out

Scorpion Beats says:

That bass is crap

M7md 7usny says:


MrCoalmann says:

where do i find zero crossing in fl studios 20?

dancxk says:

that intro tho <3

Kipruto Archie says:

Xo tour life

Pluto Beats says:

Video LIT

Richard Concepción says:

you are good and I really appreciate what u doing but that music background is distracting a lot

Jeremiah says:

Didn’t realize you had to have something above fruity edition to use.

Just an Artist says:

“don’t copy my bassline, come up with your own”

*stole lil uzi verts tour life bassline*

PaNnic says:

I keep getting the clicking noise, can I get some help?

Waan says:

didnt work for me sounded like a turning on a stove

SazeraT channel says:

заебал слишком много пиздеть

Sadikie Williams says:

the background music. this is shit

Happy HD says:

hi DJ


Thts 808 sounds like tm88 lil uzi dead friends

Elenesy Beats says:

Dude the 808pattern is from XO TOUR Llif3

Lo-Fi Production says:


Viktoriux Zeba says:


lil jaquief says:

How do i highlight that wave pattern on edison?

zzo7aal says:

thank youu broo (y)

Camzay says:

“Go into settings and make sure it’s cutting itself”

Ibraheem Productions says:

Shove that 808 up ya arse.

sean mason says:

this boy was loved his whole life any money keep it up bro aim for the top cause it easy

Der Bra Ist Löwe says:

good video but u use a terrible reeverb on your voice

Bibo Qonto says:

That’s the xo tour Llif3 808 pattern

Baljit singh says:

never use bg sound again

LordPrettyFlacko says:

very helpful, just lower or get rid of background music! EVERYONE KEEP COMMITTING TO HARD LABOR’ we will get there. ♥️

CenLAStormSpotters says:

THANK U 4 makin this video. It helped me actually. Im finally starting to get what Im actually doing in FL. LOL
PS:.. Ive always thought that the WHODAT KICK was too stupid for me to make a beat but was always mad at that fact since im from LOUISIANA HAHA NOW I AINT ASHAMED.

DMP hip hop SA says:

those getting the glitchy sound just zoom in at the start and end of your loop and set the start line on a point with no shaded space neither up nor down . then do also to the end of the loop.

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