FL Studio 8 Beginners Basic Tutorial

The basics on FL Studio 8


Jacob Wigley says:

I clicked from pat to song and it didn’t come up with the song layout. What I miss?

urugs bruz says:

cheers man, helped alot!

IGNIS says:

how you get the grid up? lmao xD

BeatGenerals says:

Offered some excellent information!!! There’s FL Studio training in the styles of Cool Kids, Noah Shebib, and a ton more on our YouTube page!!

MyThumbSkill says:

Thanks a lot for your video man 🙂

justin1064 says:

fantastic little tutorial for the basics, thanks so much.

slantyrock says:

When I change an instrument on a pattern, lets say pattern two, it changes it on pattern one too and ruins my song. How do I keep it from doing this?

HolyBookProductions says:

OMG!!!!!! I Cant listen to these MOUSE KLICKS ANYMORE!!!!!! even the mouses in our school arent so old!

I would love to watch one of your videos without that freaking noise!!!!

slantyrock says:

@JakeNoluv Ahhhhhhh, that makes sense. Thanks very much man 🙂

Toaster Roaster says:

Wow, you’re good!

Judgment FamilyTT says:

how do i see my patterns like how u can see yours to the left like
pattern 1
pattern 2

im not seeing my like that 🙁 HELP ME PLEASE

Dion Augusteijn says:

Thanks man!

Kristjan Saarsalu says:

fuck you noob

hokejistazmesta says:

God! I thought Bart Simpson is having a speech about FL Studio!

Lord Manji says:

Very simple, got me started FINALLY. Trying to make some good music for running. Looking forward to watching the other videos. Thanks a ton

The Mervamp Living Doll says:

im learninggggggggg :>

Cheryl VonLure says:

omg u r a life saver lol

Krakken says:

This comment has received too many positive votes

Keith Rhodes says:

well done kiddo, you have taut me more in ten minutes than most of the other tutorials have been trying to do for month, well done, and keep them coming, you have my subscription.

Seth Tomlin says:

you talk too slow -_-

Manish Nagi says:


Beat Maker says:

Superb guide… Check Beat Generals on YouTube they also have a large amount of useful fruity loops courses…

Never Ending Dream says:

No he is talking clear.

Troels G says:

den var fin tak 🙂

Samuel Vega says:


BerryAdelineBombshel says:

THANKS <3 this helped a TON 🙂

TheNorwaySkaters says:

Ohh i’m sure i have fl studio 8 xxl but mine i totally diferent from yours!

Fritz Doyle says:

thanks man

Captain Viktor says:

thanks you for the tutorial XD

Logan Church says:

Wow man that was a sweet ass tutorial thanks a lot!

tyskater14411 says:

Very cool! helped me make my first track! thanks!

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