FL Studio Basics 1: Zero To Hero

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GVTBuddha says:

I have no experience with any of this and my only music experience is with guitar, but recently decided to try expanding my horizons and this is very helpful; any advice for a clueless beginner?

50,000MilesBeneathMyBrain says:

Thanks my dudezz!

Ollieee2012 says:

Thanks for your guidance, very helpful. Any production language I do not understand, I google. I appreciate how hard it is to explain a very complex system in its basic form!

My layout is different to yours. How can I change it? It would be helpful to fully follow the rest of your videos.

Mr Sir says:


Lom zo says:


MyCarGoZoomZoom says:

I understand nothing


Hi, how do you make a basic tempo change between bars. I can make an automation clip, but i dont understand the copy and paste, or how and where i can see the bpm changing, cus the audio clip line, just shows a percentage, Confusing, Please any tips?

Kristoffer Rydquist says:

Good stuff, perfect pace and perfect info for a guy like me who dabbled in Cakewalk / Cubase and got confused by the pattern concept, but a brilliant concept really when you realize you lay down a lot of tracks unnecessary in the other DAW. Keep that pace no risk of getting bored and nodding off!

Aleksander Zabadała says:

Finally someone explained plain and simple the idea behind the connection between patterns & playlist. Thank You, Kind Sir!

Kieran Watters says:

7:53 R.I.P. headphone users

FK U says:



Ray Hoodoo says:

Starts at 1:36

Clayton Reardon says:

Tremendous series Seamless. I’m switching over from Ableton to FL and this is wonderful to learn the UI. I know the technicalities of what I need to do but FL’s interface is naturally a mystery to me at the beginning. Great series Seamless to help me get up a running quick.

Mxylery says:

I was thinking whether to buy Fl or not, and i probably will 🙂

najid mujeeb says:

such a shitty video ! decide if u wanna eat or talk first!

Villy Georgiev says:

Hi, all is grate. Thank you! Just a question. I have just recorded a wav
file from my mini disc to track one in FL Studio 12. And now i want to
transpose it in another key. How to do it? What is the way? Thank you.

yabi says:

why does harmor have to be ear rape?

Classic Mail says:

You started describing the interface and then I lost you completely…

Kenny Gonzalez says:

00:24 Who else thought of RL Grime’s Core?


samxma says:

You are bad ass!

Your tutorials are perfect, great info, entertaining and start to the point.

Thank you so much 🙂

Jack Schitt says:

Newly acquired FLstudio12
pro ed. from producer friend
I’m a performance oriented player/composer only ever recorded in studios
*ThAnK YoU!*

Digital Beat Music says:

thanks. I got FL Producer Edition yesterday

Ian Aldaz says:

love u seamless thank u

Grey Mafia says:

is the music output in the stereo level

Hansroute says:

this is fl 11 right?

Bl3zzz says:


William Eden says:

fucking 2 minutes of please shut the hell up and get to the point in the beginning there.. didn’t even get to anything yet as i’m typing this in here.. jeezus i get that you have to explain things, but damn dude. i’m trying to learn, not listen to you loop a summary over and over for 2 minutes.. hopefully the productive part is fulfilling.

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