FL Studio Beginner Melody Tutorial

FL Studio can create melodies fast. FL Studio is one of the best DAWs because of how fast you can write ideas using midi. FL Studio is great for applying music theory. Melody is complicated but we’ll make it simple for you today.

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Tristian98 Beats says:

hey, i bought Nexus 2 a few days ago, i’m trying to open the nexus 2 set up dmg file, but its not letting me open it. can someone help me with this problem?

im a simp for sza says:

Could somebody explain the difference between a snare and a clap to me?

Praisus says:


Vivek Verma says:

thanks as always sir . love <3

saint says:


Pneuma GD says:

I️ got an ad that’s just another video made by you. Wtf

GhostNinja -Sword says:

how come you’re on fl 11?

The Brotha says:

Busy works beattsssssssssssssss.

bcbudonaut says:

mmm my sytrus doesn’t have some preset loop like
yours does

Χρήστος Βαφιάδης says:

Can you make part 2?

aoluwasegun says:

Thank you

Technical Akib says:

sir , 8 note melody is ok after thn wat insturment we need to add more veriation to the songs??

Big Bungus says:

This is so helpful man. You’ve been a big influence since day 1. You’re so underrated. Keep on going.

Jennie Butler says:

Say Game I Need You To Do A Review Of BackMask Vst Plz When You Have Some Time

TheWalkingAmongTheDead says:


martian14671 says:

Best tutorials ever!!

Coke Ruíz says:

Exelete producer and very good tutorials Busy Works Beats TV, it hurts not to speak and neither understand the English language, greetings from Mexico, you should put subtitles in Spanish, because you also have subscribers who watch your videos from different parts of Latin America and the world.

KP says:

bro this bodak yellow or i’m tripping?

6ickwavyy says:

How this is exactly what i was asking for in that survey u sent,

Vadim Rodionov says:


The Life Productions says:

Another Great Tutorial- Thanks for sharing!

England PJ says:

Did you revert back to fl 11 because your Razer Laptop crapped out on you?

Eoin Hickey says:

Man plz stop using ur busy work beat folder okay not everyone has it

Anthony Martinez says:

why did u got back to FL 11 ?

ChuckMorris1996 says:

Simple but so awesome thanks

Virus BF says:

Я КРУЧЕ!!!!!

First Name Last Name says:

He sounds really high at the beginning.

Wifflessss says:

Love the vids. Could you make a REZZ style beats tutorial? would love it. keep up the great work!!

King_Blaze_410 says:

I like that you update these videos overtime. Because I’m sure as you learn more, u can teach us more. Do you offer mentoring?

Ritu raam says:

Hello sir… I got very much help from you in my music journey… But I didn’t understand circle of 5th so please… Make a video for that sir….

P dot says:

Every video it’s the same people asking the same question on why he switched back to FL11 shut up and just enjoy

Eric Russell says:

Looks like the melody to new freezer

JEYM says:

“The Brain, is a better computer than your computer” ~ Busyworksbeats, 2018


Game u da game man

Zio Uchiha says:

Yo Busyworkbeatsssss!! Learned a lot from your videos.. any WuTang style beat tutorials in future??

Vigo Liebregts says:


james dean says:

best teacher around! do a wu tang beat

Darshan Sen - The Composer says:

Hey Game, why do people learn music theory if they can make music just by thinking a bit?

KingTiendo says:

Damn I needed this, thanks bro

Laith El-labban says:

Hey game could you do a video on picking a producer name please?

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