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heshssin says:


Eben Bobby says:

Where do I get dune 2

Nar Ragorth says:

SO fcking lame dude

DujaMusic says:

Awesome stuff

Less Dank says:

there is literally NO theory in this..your literally JUST CLICKING lmao! go kys. soundcloud beat maker lol

Fredy Ernst says:

With some of those chords I was expecting XXX´s vocals

Kasun Fernando says:


Franky Giuffrida says:

Dude…chill with the background music.

GodzillaMusicHD says:

This was so cool, i don’t even have FL but I’m gonna use those tips anyways

Sin6ix Beats says:

Intro beat hard

JRMELO87 says:

I appreciate it!!!

R3d & BLu3 says:

Tbh i feel like i just need better plugins with better sounds

Pool Doo says:

Thanks for the tips…
This was a great tutorial for making an a chords and melody.

Steadman Dublin says:

Best damn video tutorial

3leven fiendly says:

I cannot find pluck – bell

Nata De Leche :v says:

The first pluck it sounds like DDUDUDU of Blackpink

Kaze the sad boy says:

How do you have DUNE 2 etc..?

Alandre Lindsay says:

did u bought those plugin that yall use @kcsupreme

Dom Lino says:

what preset do you use in dune 2?

Xavier Brooks says:

Yo I’m begging for someone to tell me how his Piano on the left when he is in the Piano roll has all the Keys shown and it’s longer. Mine is short and only shows the C keys

William says:

goddamn I just put the notes on the highlighted shit and it makes good sound wow

Josch Alpha says:

Thx for the Video.

Mahamed Mahamed says:

thank you ❤️

Renzo Beats says:

how do you get ur individual notes to show up ?

Killer X gamer says:

You sucked

LunkaN says:

I did the whole thing in the piano roll on my electric synth. Then i picked picked up the whole song thing and the everything i did with the piano chords where just gone, nice. Pls help?

Nicholas says:

Quality content. Thank you for the effort you put into this vid

Tony Thomas says:


K N Y says:

God is that u?

TMY BigStudios says:

5:00 that one kid says “but theres no sound…”

Ravage Ritual says:

You’re the fucking MAN!!!!! This helped me out sooo much dude. I’ve been a drummer for 18 yrs (32) and I’ve been dying to find an easier way to write shit in Piano Roll. The Scale Highlighting/Automatic setting is exactly what I’ve been dying for..THANKS!!

WayvHeso says:

Thank you!

MetalBucket says:

what is the background beat?

Vishwajeet Jamdar says:

Can you tell your Specifications of your machine?

Aaron Reiten says:

im having routing issues with that trick you did with scaler… any help?

Prince Keemer Aroma says:

the background music is annoying.

Maestro' VEVO says:

Cool & Easiest

Deelux Gaming says:

i have cthulu is that the same as scaler

Charlie Loft Trudsø says:

Background beat too loud

luis says:

I dont even make beats I dont know how I got here I’m eating lunch and watching this at the same time . And this shit dope make me want to make beats!!

Stanley Dixon says:

Man absolutely great video, this is probably one of the MOST HELPFUL videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube about Fl studio!

Domyon says:

MAN THANKS. now i can finally explore outside of my traditional Dom shit

TheSorcererLord says:

Exceeded expectations. Thank you.

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