FL Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial Part 1 – Expanding on FL 1/3 [Face]

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Sound is FIXED. File size really is 400mb (Yay for 15 FPS :D). Took only 2 hours to render with a Phenom II Quadcore 3.2Ghz and 10 minutes to upload with 500kb/s upload speed approx 🙂 Using Sony Vegas 10 customized WMV format. I could do some Sony vegas tutorials if enough asked 🙂

Edit: I am aware this video isn’t particularly informative. To be honest, I simply felt pressured at the time to rush FL content out after the success of my original video. I am looking to do an advanced series in the same style as my FL Studio 12 COMPLETE Basic Tutorial, albeit with further improvements.

The traditional electronic genres will be covered (as in their plugins) and more tutorials on the actual use of FL to come!

Sit tight!


punkgoku84 says:

the first sound you made or found within the program is more or less ambient or chill out style piano.

FKProds says:

Yeah sytrus is very recognisable and the sounds it generates don’t have as much depth and dexterity, it is also harder to make evolving sounds and the interface, for me, is not as intuitive. However, each of these products is successful, and music is much about what works for you. Here, I show you what works for me, for I was never able to use Sytrus very effectively, maybe my own fault.

Yasin Sanchouli says:

I really appreciate ur help…

FKProds says:

Yup, it is the common mistake of learners thinking they know better than the teacher. With an attitude like that, they will learn nothing. But hey, if I am going to have a community like that, then to me the view, and thus the money, is all that matters. On the other hand, if someone approaches me with respect I am happy to help them.

gu4t4f4c says:

I think some ppl see the video lenght and instantly run away.

marouane smaili says:

Thank you very much man for sharing !! 

Mehul Suthar says:

that i already try did u have some different option to match that tel me

nescafe2233 says:

very like and useful vids…..i want to ask something,i’ve created 2 patterns,let’s say pat.1 and pat.2,i want to change the sound of pat.1,but when i changed pat.1 sound,why the sound of pat.2 also changed to that sound,i can’t make any song like this….pls answer this,i will subscribe and recommend this vid to my fellow music maker friends…..

Greetings From Indonesia…..

Dolgoon Namsrai says:

i just wasted my 1 hour of my life watching this. i thought this was advanced tutorial i was looking for how to bridge and use elastic temp for audio files in fl

Rowbance says:

Do you mind telling me how you recorded your sound and video + the sound of FL studio altogheter ?

Azrei Sven says:

This is cool, though I haven’t finished watching the video (if you do explain it, sorry’), but how do the pad plugins (absynth and fm8 so far) differ from sytrus? Are they easier to fuck with than with sytrus? Are they simply deeper and better in quality? or just that all of sytrus’ pads are already known and outdated?

Azrei Sven says:

lol I don’t think so, even after watching sytrus tutorials I gave up trying to re-invent the wheel with that program (as in making my own original)…I once spent 4 hours just to make a creepy attack violin sound out of it o_o

J-N-H-M says:

i think it would be better to name a cool free vst you can get from there ..
i like free glitch FX for example .. but i kinda dont have time to browse threw free vst’s that i dont know are cool … lol fine ill check it out only for glitch and feedback type FX .. but i have so many lol , check my studio videos ? nvm thanks ☻

FKProds says:

Thanks for the comment, it means a lot 🙂

DeltaPie says:

Sorry, I know a good bit of fl studio, but im no expert on it:/ wish I was tho

Callum Miller says:

Fm8 on the surface seems like it is just a rompler and offers little to no customizer at a all. However beneath the surface lies an extremely complex machine. You can, given the patience and determination to do so, create a wide variety of sounds with it. It’s just as good as Massive. Many people over look it because of its simplified interface. I can apply the same kind of thought toward Absynth too. You can make some epic bass lines, leads and synths with that thing. It’s a BEAST!

Legoindie Comments says:

This isn’t really a tutorial- it’s more or less just showing people who buy synthesizers for the presets which ones are right for them.

its only .smellz says:

where did u get your FL skin from

Mehul Suthar says:

hey my beat doesnt match wtih a song so plz help me out i m tired doing but not matching properly

xuan kien says:

I want to learn FL studio but different language, it is difficult to understand

Joshua Griffiths-Williamson says:

Advanced? 🙁

jimmy gosimidas says:

please give a link to download the producers edition!

legion says:

question anyone if i have kontakt,onmispher and nexus o i need anything else to make dope beat?

kdub Selassie says:

ice cold stuff bra .

Teksaur says:

I wouldn’t say this is an FL studio advanced tutorial because the majority of the stuff you showed isn’t even from Image Line. Just a bunch of vst’s.

Michael Ducharm says:

In summation, buy a bunch of Native Instruments plugins.

Hugh N. Denial says:

FKProds trolls other channels advertising his “videos and then asks you not to troll they are hypocrites

Negative says:

Its sad seeing the views drop the more in depth you get into it. Anyway keep up the good work bro.


where did you get this skin from?

Aiden McKahan says:

“Hello and welcome to Richard Hammond’s insulting and boastful yet somehow boyishly charming guide to expensive plugins you can’t afford”

Love end Conflict says:

14.07 lol!

Mehul Suthar says:

help out..

BlackThunderRecords says:

[Q] How can i record my screen and sound with for example fraps with ASIO4ALL turned on?

FKProds says:

In my opinion, yes 🙂

J-N-H-M says:

i like and subscribed even thou i learned nothing except his kontakt is a Beast … but i love the SKIN and like how you have the Instrument rack Reason style on the left .. FL is the best , like u gotta have it as a Hub to run what ever you run … um More advanced like , control reasons combinator knobs threw FL’s Midi Channel knobs by configuring them to control CC #71 -78 … <-- advanced you know .. or feedback loops and macros in ableton rewired to FL to join another feedback loop ..

TheMostEmo says:

Hmm… Sorry, i cant give this video thumbs up. This has very little to do with the title. I know NI has some awesome sounding plugins, but why call this tutorial ’bout FLS, if you could do almost exact video with any DAW that can host VST aswell? If you think about it, this is actually pretty generic(, but still really useful,) info. People with many other music software search for good plugins. The title kinda limits your target audience. I will continue to watch the series, tho 🙂 cheers!

Κωνσταντίνος Κετικίδης says:

Can you please tell me how to download plugins and install them ? Thank you.

Mowgli ManCubs says:

That last song you played at the end reminded me of a Star Fox soundtrack. Nice job! I enjoyed the video good man, thank you.

FKProds says:

I believe it is essential to add to FL in order to use it at anything less than an amateur level. However, I value your comment and your diplomacy. Thank you, and yes maybe this wasn’t the best way to start the series. (I am aware you think it was not a good thing to include at all, I am not twisting your words :). It is nice to not get a worthless comment, which makes me say something that appears cheap and hostile, and instead get a nice constructive and unbiased comment.

ComputerGuy says:

Hi. Just want to ask, Great videos by the way. What plugin do you recommend for flute`s and saxophones and that kind of sounds ? I`m looking for some thin flute sound, like in a fairy tail if you know what I mean.

Flangler says:

good job

FKProds says:

Then you’re doing it wrong and if you can’t sync up to instruments in time then give up, the option you were given is HOW you do it.

xuan kien says:

I need to load the vst Where? please help
I’m Vietnam should not understand much of english

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