FL Studio Tutorial 1 – The Basics and Making Your First Song!

Sorry for the rambling, I didn’t write a script. If you need help with anything ask me on my blog at http://drshankums.blogspot.com/

I use FL studio 10 in this video.

Leave suggestions for future tutorials!

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Kevin Edward Myrick says:

how do you spread out the checker squares behind you. I have alot more.

DJ Pan Ras says:

Hey man! Great tutorial! I am using FL studio 11 and I’d like to know how to create various patterns or form an ABA section for instance in a song?

Kevin Edward Myrick says:

how do you get the sharp notes to show up, on the keyboard.

dspsx says:

How do you have a2? I only have c 10 through 1, and I’m using fl studio 12. What’s the deal? I have the free version, by the way.

Bujang Pegari says:


Chris Xeno says:

da channel pic tho

RandomHandJump says:

Finally bro, this was what i needed, everyone else sucks!

monday moon says:

thanks very informative, <3

valorboundwebstudios says:

Excellent… singer here need to do some background tracks and honestly your tutorial was awesome finally get how to paint patterns and i agree below good easy to listen teaching voice, thx again!

Music Ghost says:

Dude i dont have that CHANNEL Thing on the left corner what do i do now ?

Devil's Nation says:

thnkss for thisss video

LöûT says:

hey everyone!! Don´t check my channel please! thanks 🙂

apang jaanu says:

Hi! Hats off to ur tutorial and yeah upload more FL Studio tutorials on how to record guitars,vocal etc. and advice me best DAW for recording any genre.Thank you.

m14900 says:

Thank you! I finally have some idea for music, and I’m enjoying this now!

The Strange Man says:

First off, my mixer or anything is not showing. This tutorial is accurate probably but i have to figure some things like this out on my own.

Rac Rivera says:

It’s very informative, it sounds great, good voice quality that easily to catch up…, Thank you very much…., I wonder if you can make a tutorial on how to make an orchestral type?, just like what can you hear on most movies, a good example of it is those sounds or music that you can hear in San Andres movie.

Loominaty says:

Well i’m using FL Studio 12.

Clifford Elmer James says:

Great Job!!!

Abhishek Verma says:

There is an inherent problem in FLS sustain of midi notes. Like when you play a note with let’s say velocity 100 unit. And immediately after u play the same note with velocity < 100 units then the previous note is killed. I have 2 questions 1. Does this also happen in cubase and other daw? 2. How to get rid of this?

BrianThePiglet says:

how do you go to the editing screen…. mine just stays in the channel track

Just A Random Guy says:

oh hey, its not 9999 eons long! *likes*

connor freeman says:

I have my tempo on 130 just like you have and have done everything the exact way you have yet for some reason it is playing all the notes a lot faster than yours?

IelfphilRV says:

“with this list”
loooool that’s so cute i dunno why – it’s a color chart but i’m finding “list” so cute

BUMER PlayER says:

http://prntscr.com/fns2q6 my first beat :D.

michael thompson says:

i dont have the full keyboard for the piano for 3xosc what do i do????

Trill Topic says:

Cringy but good tuturiol

unknown boy says:

am i the only one that is watching in 2017?

TheSahota11 says:


Lucas Jones says:

This guy is frigging hilarious

Marlin Gonzalez says:


breekwhal says:

You smack too much. So annoying

DrShankums says:

I still get surprised at how many views and comments I find on this video. I have decided the direction of the series I would like to start. I’ll be needing to build a new pc and get a few pieces of equipment together before I can start, but ill be going in depth into music theory and how to create your own original music and how to apply that knowledge to fl studio. Please continue learning on your own if it really interested you. I have every intention of making content, I just have to find the time and funds to get back to it. I hope to have more videos started in the coming months. I appreciate everyone patience.

S and F MultiMedia Gaming says:

i click piano roll and nothing happened.

VengefulBacon says:

That’s some nice Pirated FL studio 12 you got there

Buildpucipuci02 says:

I love this so much. You don’t even know.


That was literally the first helpful tutorial i found on Fl studio! Thank you so so much!

Kronic Games says:

Where’s part 2!!!!

420StonedToParallels says:

Please help cause i can’t figure it out but my step sequencer is just a box hovering around and can’ place it between the tracks like how you have yours and it’s not showing pattern 1 title nor letting me rename or do anything with it.

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