FL Studio Tutorial – 3 – Making a Simple Beat

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Melissa mm says:

dude ur funny asf thanks for the vid im completely clueless and this helped much ❤

Mohamed Amine B. says:

Helpful and freaking funny xD

Connor Steezy says:

can i just record sounds with my keyboard and place that on the beat ?

itachi uchiha says:

ur so boring to watch….

bryan jimenez says:

that rock me baby lmfaoo got you a subs. hilarious.

Make Music Equals Select Random Notes GO hispanics says:

Im bond Jams bond!!!!!?!??!?!

And you can be 2 (read name)

zaluma gampal says:

This is really helpful! thank you very much sir!

kadejito1 says:

Great video, but that part around 6:33 was a riot.

Elgen Lathan says:

#hitsmash  😛

Freaky Gamer says:

thank you +thenewboston thanks for your help
this was the best toturials

julius pokuyt says:

rok mi bb


“Vocals Which Are peoples Voices”

Mysty says:

ayy thanks

Skull Cross Gaming says:

This is cringe… :/

Erish Beatboxer says:

is this a free software?

BrittleDonut says:


A-_-MURDA 0x1 says:

This help me. Thank you.

Prometheus says:

This was both awesome and hilarious!

Jordan MacDonald says:

“kick channel”
“clap channel”
“rock me baby channel”
I found this very amusing xD

Devon Parfait says:

how did i know you were going to pick the most sexual sounding voice. you made it very hard to watch this video on a volume other than 1

John Mp says:

hahahaha this dude is so funny

Dustyz says:

I was laughing through all of this. ”Rock me baby”

Ollieee2012 says:

That “rock me baby” beat, reminded me of secondary school music lessons on the keyboards

Tom Cruise says:

anyone else cringe

sabin varghese says:

Awesome tutorial man helped me out 😀

FrenticYogi says:

um i have fl studio 12 i do not know where pat and song is pls help ;(

Gimpie Tranny says:

Best Online Teacher EVER….! Learnt how to make videos in After Effects thanks to this fella…, I look forward to my music I’m yet to meet thanks to The New Boston…..! Bring on FL Studio!!!!!

Rosh says:

everything i add just sounds like water dropping

Piyush Pal says:

Hi!!! I have an issue with my FL Studio 11… The sounds present in the packs are not working… When I put them on Step sequencer or just click on it… nothing happens… i wont hear any sound… do you have any idea or solution about this?

rhysman0001 says:

View count: 131313 haha

Ishaan Chauhan says:

this is such an awesome tutorial!!
lol rock me baby!:D

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