FL Trap Tutorial for Beginners in FL Studio 12

http://busyworksbeats.com/trap Click Here for the FREE Project files along with Many more free bonuses and the full Trap Tutorial Series


Notorious Bart says:

How do you get all the notes on the piano roll? Just started a week ago.

Doctor NUZ says:

If u produced big sean

OfficialCswift says:

That offset 808 or kick throws the WHOLE vibe off…

TES HAI says:

Good video. what did you say at 1:42?” 808 ofcourse” ?

Greenpowerr says:

Wasn’t this already released?

Mixalis Athanas says:

Can you do a if i produced for 50cent plz

Asap Beats says:

I wish you can do more genres instead of trap

Philipp L says:

One question: at the beginning you mentioned that the tempo isnt necessarly for Trap. So for example I could also set my snare on 3 & 7 if I’m making a beat with 90 bpm?

Thanks for your tutorials

LLie says:

is the kick, snare, from the x and 808 from the science?

Orlando Garcia says:

So glad he made this video

Speedy Cheese says:

why for beginners in title and you say Not for beginners

MOH Clan says:

How are you playing sounds with your keyboard @1:49

MatthewPlayZ - MLG says:

how do i get busyworkbeat plugins for 808

King Savage says:

4k view sqaud

Seth Bethune says:

“All these Europeans stacked up your a penis”

TripJay21 says:

i stumbled upon your videos today because i want to learn how to make beats i watched like 6 or 7 videos in full about 45 minutes each. i went on your website and watched the video where you talk about learning how to learn and my mind was BLOWN. i swear once i get up there i swear i’m shouting you out!

ANTSI says:

Could you do a tutorial for a misogi type beat?

Jack Hill says:

I Am 13, I look at you as my teacher to my music passion, Thank You
Much Love, Jack

9inety-9 Tha Producer says:

How do you get X Drums?

Ethen Austin says:

Please do Goosebumps Travis Scott Tutorial

ManManVEVO says:

bro that one kick is like a ugly pimple

Soniccairo says:

*says fl studio native only*

*still uses busyworksbeats drum kit*

Ruben Domingues says:

so before i watch the video peacefully why are ppl crying over the kick or “generic beat” its says: FOR BEGGINER IN THE TITLE

Locutz M says:

why does the kick @ 14:50 sounds off ?

Craig Newman says:

Game can your girl make beats too?

Skeety Skeete says:

how to make a pad in hamor

husla world says:

@busyworkbeats are you drum kits and vst free on your website

Oskar Nedreaas says:

that off beat 808 is killing me

circuitboy says:

Do you layer your videos with binaral beats?

Sr Rajado says:

aki e br tio

Nickheezy Breezy says:

That off kick is making this stressful to watch

Rye Beats says:

hey busy ive been producing for a while and wanted your opinion on the sakura vst. is it worth getting. and what do you use it for…if at all

PairAdyceBeatz410 says:

Dope Video..I Have Tutorials On My Page Also Free Drum Kits And Soundkits And Flps..

Fon says:

how can i add in the channel rack the number of the pattern i wanna work with?

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