From Scratch: A Vaportrap Song in under 9 minutes | FL Studio 2018 vaporwave Tutorial

Watch me break down The VaporTrap music sound and show you how to make a vapor trap type beat from scratch in under 9 minutes using Fruity Loops or FL Studio.

Vocal Mixing Tutorial:
Mixing and Mastering Tutorial:
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This is a vaportrap beat where I emulate the vaporTrap sound and make a trap song inspired by artists like vaperror on the mana pool album and rap over it. I’m showing you how to make a vaporTrap type beat in FL Studio 2018. I’m making trap music in this tutorial of FL Studio 2018, it’s a rap music tutorial/rap beat tutorial, wherein I create a vaporwave vaportrap type song in under 9 minutes. It’s a rap, hip-hop, trap tutorial. I also include a bit of my photoshop process to show how I made vaporwave type visuals / vaporwave aesthetics for the end song.


PUGFACE 9000 says:

Yo the beginning kinda sounds like a ugly god type beat

its ali says:

if u need aethestic vaportrap rapper try find icytwat.

Shaggy Da'baggy says:

Amazing!! So cool

JMAN.cuber Julian says:

Request: How To make money off of making music, and how to make music that goes viral

Maniac says:

2:09 “let’s set it to cut itself so it don’t bleed”


Keep up the good work

Sirius PROD says:

Кто из России?))

ee k says:

Goodshit man

Val Thompson says:

Honestly most lit thing

Infidel Productionz says:

Your channel is so helpful, thank you for your videos. Hopefully I can help as much people with my channel.

Zeus says:

Impressed at your in-depth research during the introduction.

Edit: actually, now that I’m watching the rest of the video, I’m also super impressed at the quality you’re outputting. That deserves a sub. Nice one!

Gully Boy says:


Shine Of Light says:

Oml dude u are so good

Jaelyn Paulo says:

“suck my tits” HAHAHA

Jordan Thomas says:

make an icytwat beat

Suedo単独で says:

Your bars are better then current rappers but I’m pretty sure someone has already told you that lol

Gavin Cook says:

Gotta make sure it cuts itself so it doesnt bleed

Shaggy Da'baggy says:

How do you pull samples from YouTube?

R.A.G.E king says:

Now your one of my fav lyrics artist with this you can reach the top

Abder k says:

Please, give me full version of this track thats so edgy

Reignz says:

The Japanese subtitles makes me want to do something… :/

Sebastian Larsson 16TEB says:

Why he sound like ray William when he rap

Galactic Gaming says:

I died when you added the Japanese writing

John West says:

What about the heavy reverb in the lyrics

Samsung/Android Is the best/Fortnite sucks says:

*suck my tits*

Trey Fowler says:

Make meme trap just for the lols

D3xNatxn says:

From now on don’t wait for people to comment that they want the song on soundcloud. Please add it immediately. Thank you.

deadhearts official says:

cant wait for the day when u have 500k subs <3

Alfie Atkinson says:

can this please have a full song

A!D3N says:

He’s better than most rappers and only has 65k subs

dank boiVEVO ________________________ says:

bout to get a flu shot today I’m scared

dz sextuor says:

+1 ☺

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